Virgo Daily Horoscope for April 2

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Single Virgos won’t have a problem by telling the world they are single, especially when using social networks. Are you trying to make anyone jealous?

It’s time to move on and forget an old relationship. It’s in your hands to make people fall in love with you, but don’t expect to find our ideal partner.

If you’re in a relationship you can expect a tense day, with your partner reproaching you continuously. They’re just asking for an equal share of household tasks, you can’t let the other person do everything.

You are being too selfish and this attitude is not going to get you anything good.

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You’re facing your working day without much enthusiasm these days. It’s not that you’re lazy, it’s more about the situation of your company, you feel that your job is getting monotonous every day and it doesn’t let you prove your worth.

You’re always following orders from your superiors, who often have less knowledge than you. You can just stay quiet and obey.

You will look for a job in your free time, one that really makes you feel valued. You will probably receive an interesting offer before you expect.

When it comes to shopping, you should abandon certain habits. You purchase too much on the internet and you will regret when you check your bank account.


Use exercise and a good eating habit to fight the stress you’ve been feeling these days.

You can also meditate to help you relax. There are some yoga poses that will make you feel completely new. Try to practice them outdoors, somewhere without people, where you can be in touch with nature.

You will benefit from some me-time, without having to deal with other people. You’re tired of people constantly bragging about their successes and feats. You are also a successful person and don’t feel any need to externalize everything.