Monthly Horoscope for October

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If you want to be successful in the dating world, be upfront and avoid playing a mysterious part at dates, because it could cost you a real chance at romance if you were hoping for one.

Any financial news you receive will be good for you, and you'll be surprised to find you're more influential than you think; because of this, you'll even start dreaming about future projects that could get costly soon.

In health news, you should make sure you take better care of yourself if you aren't already, because prevention is your best asset when it comes to taking care of your body.

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At times the sky will grant you a magical charisma, which will surprise those who know you and will make others want to get to know you.

This October, the word that best describes you is: winner. You’ll focus on achieving success and recognition, you long to improve professionally, and you’ll certainly achieve it.

You’re protected by the stars in the area of your health, and it will help you face problems which you’re already trying to tackle.

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During the course of this month, Mars travels through the zodiac area that represents everything related to romance and romantic relationships. This transit will give the natives of your sign a strong stimulus to develop their love lives without fear.

Your work life is very fast-paced this month, these are proposals and conversations to apply various changes.

The biggest drawback to your health lies in your anxiety and your mind this month. Obsessions, internal dialogue, the rumination of ideas and the permanent stimulation of your nervous system will be the causes of your discomfort.

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The planets will protect you during your adaptation into new romantic realities. Even if you're willing to fall in love again, make sure you keep good control of timing and keep your family updated.

Remember not to lose your composure at business deals, and teach your kids and partner that money isn't that easy to get; why don't you make money-saving plans together?

Finally, be careful with your meals and energising foods, and make sure your emotional intelligence stays put. Only you can achieve the right perception to life.

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You’ll be looking for balance. You’ll try to eat healthier, do more exercise and stimulate your brain putting into practice a Latin phrase Mens sana in corpore sano, "a healthy mind in a healthy body". Towards the end of the month you’ll become less constant. Don’t give up!

All your efforts will turn into benefits. Your high self-esteem will activate your sensuality. Single Leos will spread special magnetism that will make them hard to resist.

It’s a good period to sell real estate and objects of great value. Mercury will benefit your communicative skills that will help you convince potential buyers.

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Renovation will be the highlight of your love life. You will pay more attention to your partner and, if single, you will see life like a romantic film. Someone will come to your life, but it’s not going to be the perfect person.

Your healthy economy needs you to be careful with your investments. It’s not the best time to splurge. Control your temper if you feel someone’s annoying you at work. You are gaining a new perspective regarding spirituality.

As for your physical body, you will be motivated and with energy. Go to your doctor if you’re concerned about your balance issues.

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By the midmonth you may decide to end a toxic relationship or leave behind mental structures that were damaging the connection with your partner. October will bring many formalities and paperwork related to money.

The good news is that once you finish these processes, you’ll be benefited with extra income. Don’t let your guard down. Although October is generally a good month regarding money and work, hard times lie ahead.

Try to discover the origin of your emotions that sometimes unbalance you in order to identify and transform them.

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If you’re in a relationship, you will remain under Neptune’s influx on a good aspect with Venus in your sign, which will make you idealize your partner and live moments of magical romanticism.

You need to be smart and decide what you want to the coming year. It’s not about asking the gods for things. Venus and Mercury are the key this month.

You might feel something’s wrong, that you have an illness that hasn’t manifested yet, or that something’s not right in your mind.

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Love radiates from all your pores, you will generate harmony at home. Beware of self-sabotage, though, don’t let illusions confuse you and ruin everything. If single, this is going to be a favourable month for your heart.

Your finances will be positive. You should do things by yourself, you aren’t advised to partner with anyone and your project will be more successful if you carry it out on your own.

Temporary discomforts won’t give you many problems, but you need to sort your life out. You will learn many things emotionally speaking.

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Your partner will go through a somewhat tense situation. You’ll experience a time when the demands of both aren’t synchronised. You go in one direction and your partner in the opposite direction and therefore, everything you say is misunderstood or subjected to an evaluation that isn’t positive.

This month the important thing is that you turn on all the radars since you’ll have many opportunities regarding societies or group activities.

You’ll feel tired: the reigning energy opposes your vitality and demands a lot of your attention. You have to define many aspects of your future.

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This October, the prediction for Aquarius natives regarding love brings transformation. This transformation will occur mainly internally. This month, get ready to be reborn like a phoenix Aquarius, with more strength and more knowledge of yourself.

The Magic Horoscope prediction for Aquarius for this month regarding money is quite favourable. On the one hand, you’ll start the month receiving help from financial experts who’ll help you better manage your income.

Once these small physical discomforts are overcome, your body will respond perfectly Aquarius. It’s important that you don’t stop practising physical activity,

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You’ll have deep and interesting chats with people you met online or on a dating app. But most of them won’t lead anywhere because you’re too much of a perfectionist, and too narrow-minded, Pisces.

It won’t be the best month for investments. The 20th of October will be the best day to achieve a lucrative commercial agreement.

The full moon in Aries will fill Pisces with energy and vitality. And Jupiter will help you create efficient routines which could turn into healthy habits.

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