Leo Daily Horoscope for April 2

Your Horoscope for Tuesday
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You’ll get some news from your family. A person you love a lot and haven’t seen for a long time will get in touch with you. You’ll feel very anxious about it since you’ll have to reunite the family and defuse tension and conflict between them. Don’t worry about it. You’re only responsible for your own actions. Other people’s reactions are not your problem.

There’s good news regarding your romantic relationship. The stars will bring you new beginnings and shared joys. You’ll be able to take an important step when it comes to dating or marriage.

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The things are turning out the way you wanted, but everything seems to be going too fast and you’re afraid that something will be left undone. You should carefully revise all your issues. Product and service delivery will be protected by Jupiter and the Sun today.

All your negotiations will be successful thanks to these two giants of good luck.

Avoid having conversations with bad-tempered and conflictive people. You’ll only waste time on useless discussions and dialogues that won’t benefit you in any way. Try to keep calm and don’t respond to provocation although sometimes these people seek conflict at all costs. If this happens, try to escape, Leo.


Are you craving sugar and carbohydrates? Does overthinking cause you anxiety and insomnia? Do you feel exhausted and depressed? Your neurons may not be releasing enough serotonin. You can improve your overall health and the levels of this substance in your body doing sports, eating legumes and nuts, whole grains, and avoiding coffee. Sunbathing and outdoor activities will also help you, Leo.