Horoscope 3th February

ARIES (21st March - 19th April)

With the planets Pluto and Venus always influencing your sector of love, the loving life of Aries must continue to bring you many joys this first Sunday of the month.

Your objectivity will go down the drain during this day, when you will not be able to discern which investments and businesses are interesting for you and which are not. So don't let yourself be seduced.

Your life will be quite harmonious, and your vitality very high as predicted by the Magic Horoscope on this Sunday.

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TAURUS (20th April - 20th May)

You don't feel like playing around in bed, but your partner needs to know you still love them dearly. If you're single, leave dates for another day.

Boost an exquisite taste for details and pay attention to the slightest dents, imperfections or other features that might make your purchases less worthy investing in.

Say out loud every action you do to boost your currently failing memory; especially if you have medical tests to undergo. Keep records for everything.

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GEMINI (21st May - 20th June)

You feel it's getting harder for you to socialise, but try to meet up with friends as often as you possibly can. Your managers will raise your wages in appreciation of your efforts from the past few months.

Bring new clients into the company's database. As you grow older, your body isn't as strong as it used to, and it doesn't endure certain things the same way it did.

If you don't have time to exercise, why don't you hire a masseuse and see if an expert in body recovery can help?

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CANCER (21st June- 22nd July)

Jealousy is a very dangerous game, and in the past, there was collateral damage for doing things without thinking about the consequences, right?

Try not to let yourself be dragged to hell no matter how much you like it, because you will pay the consequences at the price of real gold. Jupiter today favors that you put on the shield of a warrior and fight for those dreams of yesterday and return to be fully valid.

You may neglect important health matters, but you will be able to organize yourself.

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LEO (23rd July - 22nd August)

A family day will bring back memories of those who are far away and melancholy will take hold of you. Let go of the past, Leo, you’ve cried enough. The present has a lot to offer, look forward to new adventures that are awaiting you!

Visualize your dreams and goals and focus on their fulfillment with the power of your thoughts. You’ll enjoy good health today.

Meet your friends and family, their company will make you feel more optimistic.

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VIRGO (23rd August - 22nd Septembar)

No matter how much help you receive from the stars, you should know that there are some impossible loves, to which you will never have access to because you would never fit in with them. You have to try to overcome this situation.

You had planned to buy something very expensive, but in the end you will regret because you were not very convinced at all.

When you get home you will realize the success. Find a quiet place in the house to disconnect and blank your mind.

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LIBRA (23rd September - 22nd October)

Look into your heart, Libra; it could be more than a friendship. The enthusiasm between you two is obvious and he/she illuminates your days. You may have found your soulmate!

Regarding work, you’ll be eager to get to the bottom of your matters. A situation of power may arise, don’t be afraid to defend your territory.

Put all the energy into your projects but know your limits as well. Get out the emotions you’ve kept for too long, it’ll help you heal.

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SCORPIO (23rd October - 22nd November)

Be patient with that person you like. They like you too, and there is a powerful connection here, but nobody likes to feel pressure… there’s no need to; today might be a special day. You feel interested in other things beyond those you already had in your head.

You might have good news regarding work if you were looking for a better job. You’ll also receive an economic impulse that will help you out a lot.

When you rest, your body doesn’t completely disconnect, because your mind is worried. This is because you lead a stressful life. Try acupressure.

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SAGITTARIUS (23rd November - 21st December)

Listen to the advice that can make you grow and don't waste your time in those malicious criticisms that only want to harm you. The key is to sharpen your intuition to detect constructive criticism and use it to your advantage.

The stars notice a relaxation of the impetus that has led you to success, and in your case, Sagittarius, that poses an even greater danger, as you tend to relax easily and lose sight of important issues.

The astral forces demand special attention to maintain peace in the Sagittarius spirit.

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CAPRICORN (22nd December - 20th January)

Remember to put family first and find time to meet your loved ones, young and old alike. These moments help charge you and reconnect with your inner child.

You will inspire someone close to you to change the way they do business. Your guidance will be beneficial to your own plans as well.

If you have hay fever (allergic rhinitis) related symptoms perhaps it's time to make changes to your house. Stuffed animals, carpets, or plushy furniture can provide the perfect habitat for mites, which can cause severe allergic reactions.

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AQUARIUS (21st January - 19th February)

Be ready to see a friend or partner say goodbye and leave your life; be thankful for not having been the one to make the first move in goodbyes.

Your new business deal might not be as profitable as you thought it to, so don't let your first instinct make you choose something you might regret later on.

Health-wise, you need to do some brain training to help make your memory work better for you and lead a healthy, happy life.

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PISCES (20th February - 20th March)

You’ll enjoy a lovely Sunday complete with breakfast in bed with the one that you love the most. Bask in this beautiful moment, Pisces.

Today, after all of your financial struggles, you should avoid spending money. Just take a look at all of the food in your refrigerator that’s about to expire. You’re wasting a lot of money on this food.

This Sunday getting enough rest will benefit the health of all Pisceans, and they may also enjoy watching a movie or reading a book.

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