Horoscope 31st January

ARIES (21st March - 19th April)

Aries living with their partners, make one thing clear: your home is your temple, your refuge. If you have a bad day, it is strictly forbidden to pay the frustrations inside your home.

When you are going to spend money, think of a motivational quote, and repeat it every time you open your wallet or pull your credit card. This week you need someone to overprotect you to find stability.

That's a weighty mistake because you're old enough to deal with your own problems, with the maturity that's expected of you.

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TAURUS (20th April - 20th May)

You feel that, whenever you're in a relationship, you can lose your identity. But instead, you should try not only to keep your own values alive, but also those of your partner's.

As a practical financial exercise, write down your immediate projects and have them close and visible around you, so that you can start planning how to reach your goals.

Don't trust food fads and go back to traditional recipes if you want to avoid the so-called miraculous power of marketed diets.

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GEMINI (21st May - 20th June)

Be very mindful of your words with your partner when given an ultimatum and take your relationship issues more seriously.

Pay up your bills as soon as you can to avoid being overcharged, and keep going the way you usually do at work.

To avoid eating too many fatty foods and sweets, don't include them in your regular (or even occasional) shopping list. And in other news, you might have put off that dentist's check-up for too long now. You should go.

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CANCER (21st June- 22nd July)

Why don't you spend quality time every day with your partner? Watch out, eating together with the news on the computer or television, the stars, and especially Venus, want to emphasize quality time.

May you be able to tell each other about your problems while looking into each other's eyes. The combination of Jupiter and Uranus on your sky invites you to think about the future, and to be someone who saves resources for tomorrow.

Reflect on how little you are interested in reading about illnesses.

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LEO (23rd July - 22nd August)

You haven’t expected that special person to appear in your life. He/she has helped you remove all your mental blocks. If you’re in a relationship, this afternoon is perfect for making up with your partner. The stars will favor harmony between you.

Things aren’t going well regarding economy. Why don’t you cast a magic spell? Magic Horoscope recommends you one. Hearing problems may occur today.

Avoid wind and swimming pool water entering your ears. Visit an otolaryngologist if you feel ringing in your ears or an earache.

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VIRGO (23rd August - 22nd September)

Don't get obsessed with finding the perfect person. After a lot of searching, it seems that nobody adapts to you, and that's because you want to have at your side someone who has the same hobbies as you and that's very complicated.

Virgo, before making any kind of purchase you must analyze if you really need that product and if you are going to use it over time.

Quite often you make purchases that end up forgotten in a corner of your house. Be very careful with temperature changes.

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LIBRA (23rd September - 22nd October)

Controversy will surround you today but you’ll be a perfect peacemaker! You’ll help couples solve their problems and your partner deal with his/her inner conflicts. If you’re single, you’ve got all it takes to succeed.

Regarding money, you’ve worked hard and your efforts have paid off. If you still feel you haven’t achieved what you wanted, go back to where you started and try harder.

In order to enjoy a healthier lifestyle, make small changes to your life, like varying your diet or taking care of your emotions.

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SCORPIO (23rd October - 22nd Novembar)

Ask for forgiveness and accept your fault. Don’t let this Thursday and this month end with this bitter taste after a big argument between you and someone you love. Your relationships, in general, will reach an important degree of depth.

You have been working hard on this serious job you have, and you’re going to get the reward you deserve. The energy of the stars will make it easier for you to focus on finishing your tasks.

As you’re a water sign, Scorpio, this element is very good to remedy your emotional pains and any bad feelings you have.

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SAGITTARIUS (23rd November - 21st Decembar)

Our physical condition is very important to feel in plenitude with your mind and your spirit, and today it takes more relevance than ever, because you need to reinforce your sensation of attraction to enlarge your overwhelming potential.

The day will test the integrity of your principles, and only if you are able to maintain the firmness of your convictions will you be able to retain your credibility in the eyes of others.

Eliminate expendable foods from your diet and include ingredients that ensure strength and endurance: celery, garlic, lemon, nuts, spinach, ginger…

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CAPRICORN (22nd December - 20th January)

You keep wanting to have meaningful conversations with your significant other, but you feel like lately, you keep getting interrupted. Make the most of today's astral influence and improve your communication with them.

The astral energies are incredibly favorable regarding intellectual tasks today. You could make the most of today and write e-mails, come up with new projects or business ideas.

Anxiety and emotional tension might lead you to feel slightly hypochondriac. Go see your doctor and put your mind at ease.

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AQUARIUS (21st January - 19th February)

Find peace for your heart and enjoy your routine as much as you can, in expectancy of your next cosmic romantic connection.

Even though the end of the month will be financially tough, as they usually are, your friends and family will come to the rescue, and you might even find a part-time job to help out too.

Finally, don't just focus on mental wellness, but also aim for a good emotional and physical health status, and keep up a positive attitude.

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PISCES (20th February - 20th March)

Today you might be surprised when a person you considered a great friend leaves your life with the slam of a door. On a positive note, the person that you care about the most will declare their love for you.

Beware at work, someone is pawning off tasks and burdening you with them. If you’re in doubt, ask your boss to make your role clear.

Since you’ll be struggling with bad vibes today, the best thing that you can do is to get rest. Good sleep is the best natural remedy, Pisces.

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