Horoscope 16th February

The Moon offers its light to illuminate your love and family relationships on this Saturday, which can be full of fun for singles. The key will be improvisation, letting yourself be carried away by circumstances.

At work, don't underestimate younger people with less experience than you, because they are stepping pretty hard.

Also, remember to give sexual relations the importance they have not only within your heart but also as a facet of your health. If you feel pain in your back, it may be related to a few pounds more.

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Some of your inner ongoing issues will be gone for good even if you don't like the ending that life gives you to them.

Stop going on crazy shopping sprees and share a bit more money into the activities you try out with your loved ones; be savvy, not cheap.

Work on your patience as you endure crippling migraines, and go see your doctor to find out how to get rid of them.

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Be careful about your social life, and watch out for the attacks you send against anyone who talks to you today because of your irritable mood.

You've got a positive investment period ahead of you, and if you work in sales, your recent publicity will get you plenty of customers.

Try out your friend's treatment recommendation, and control your impulses, especially as far as your diet's concerned.

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Even if you call to love, this feeling seems to turn a deaf ear to your voice. So you'll have to put twice as much effort into a nice conquest if you're a native of the sing of the crab who is single.

Your attitude when facing work is very poor, because the spirit of defeat has stuck to your being and does not let you move forward. Keep a close eye on your accounts.

In health, seeking perfection is harmful. Focus your energies to close the door on insecurity.

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Today is a perfect day to focus on your family and home affairs. The aspects of Jupiter promise you a passionate encounter at night. You can spice up your intimate life with toys or a movie.

You’ll be on fire and receive all the necessary attention to shine and give your best. If you share your home with friends or family, you might have to put up with some arguments about money.

Arrange a meeting and talk about your needs and limitations so that you can come to an agreement together.

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You may miss a person from the past right now, but you have to understand once and for all that they won't be around you again. It’s what they’ve decided and you must respect their point of view.

Concerning money, you’re immersed in a stage of great expense, where the tap of your savings is dropping coins non-stop. It's time to end this.

Enjoy life with intensity every day, participating in all kinds of activities and trips. Every minute that passes you want to make the most of it.

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You’ll be very satisfied with your relationship. Your partner understands your needs and so do you. You’ll agree on a more open relationship in a way that suits both of you. You’ll finally be able to come out of your shell.

You’ll have a chance to invest in something you’ve wished for a long time. Trust your thoughts more when taking steps towards fulfilling your dreams.

Feeling optimistic and strong, you’ll be willing to go out. Don’t forget a jacket, the temperatures will drop. Be careful with alcohol.

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Today, Scorpio, give some space for unconscious processes, dreams. The mind sometimes knows better, and you could easily find in there the solution to any love problems you have.

Do you think you are doing what you really want to do? Have an internal conversation with yourself and stop wanting to make everyone happy, Scorpio. Do things because they make you happy, not the rest.

Avoid taking saturated fats. Make sure you have a healthy breakfast every morning, remember it’s the most important meal of the day.

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Turning our backs on problems is just a way to give them life, to lengthen the agony. You have the ability to find the renewal that will bring you spiritual peace and vitality.

Your work will have to challenge, however, some problems that stem from your own mental weakness, from your lack of confidence, and some are waiting for this moment to take it to their advantage.

The stars remind you today that you have superfoods at your fingertips that have endless properties and nutrients very beneficial to your health.

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You're feeling wonderful, Capricorn, and you're enjoying your Saturday to the maximum which is why you won't let anyone bring you down with their nonsense. Stay clear of risky situations and don't listen to gossip.

When it comes to money today, follow your instincts. You might experience some friction that will make you doubt yourself but stay calm and trust yourself.

You will struggle to stay calm today as anger will rear its ugly head. Practice a meditation ritual or a breathing technique that will help regain your spiritual centre.

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Take a break from the rest of the world and start focusing more on your family; assess their needs and get them fulfilled.

Have some vision to avoid large financial variations, and embrace the simple things in life.

Stop losing control when you go out with friends and take good care of your body by having a healthy diet and lifestyle, and avoid smoking and alcohol.

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This Saturday you’ll be surrounded by people that share your spiritual and ideological beliefs. Learn to enjoy the simple things in life today, and don’t pay attention to people who criticize your relationship because it doesn’t meet society’s standards.

This February 16th you’ll realize that you have less money than you thought – you need to learn to manage your earnings, Pisces.

As far as your health goes, you’ll be fantastic as long as you don’t move too quickly and pull a muscle which could ruin the day for you.

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