Horoscope 15th February

You could consider your relationship as a team, and decisions should be made by mutual agreement, always keeping in mind the opinion and concerns of the other.

Be sure to pay close attention to the aspirations and desires of your other half. That extra money that you have received should be used to mortgage your home, although you will have to analyze well if it is better to lower the monthly payment or reduce the term.

Concerning health, insomnia will diminish abruptly if you have had problems with it.

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Stop the transcendent conversations and have more common, earthly topics as your conversation focus.

Try putting up one of your unused rooms at home for rent -whether long-term or occasional- to make some extra profit from your home.

Health-wise, don't be afraid of the natural aging process, and embrace it while leading a healthy lifestyle with exercise and a properly balanced diet.

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Be a little more open towards your partner and understand that you can't absorb all of their time if they want to hang out with family or friends.

Project a positive image as often as you can, and save up the money you get this month for future hardships.

It'll take you a while to go back to your usual hungry self, but try to endure part of today with an empty stomach.

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Planet Saturn that influences your conjugal life breaks the promise of an idyllic life, and on the contrary favors the latent tensions and confusions. Communication will be almost nil.

Certain aspects of your work environment make you feel a deep reluctance to get going. Today you'll want not to go to work so you don't have to deal with issues that exhaust you too much.

Concerning health, sport and good nutrition have an impact on the way you handle stress and rest, but you can also use tools such as meditation.

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If you finally dare to say all you feel, you may get a spectacular response. Your words of love are priceless. Accept the change. Don’t let your fears block you.

Great things are awaiting you, although you’ll have to invest. Saving is fundamental. Those who are looking for a new job will have the opportunity to show their entrepreneurial skills, enthusiasm and leadership by working in a team.

You might have slight fever and inflammation in your throat. If you have something to say, don't keep it to yourself, Leo.

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Sometimes there are events of the past that still continue to take their toll on you. A person caused you a lot of damage and you do not want to go through the same situation again. Although you've already told your partner, they don't seem to realize your needs.

At work, Today you will be reunited with a former partner, the time has come to meet again and set up another company.

Concerning health, adapt sport to your physical condition, otherwise you would end up very tired or even injured.

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You find it hard to juggle your career and your relationship, but you should focus on your partner because he/she is about to ask you for a divorce.

Are you building your life on a foundation of who you really are or on others’ expectations? Be true to your personal journey, your likes and interests. Pay attention to your inner-dialogue.

When it comes to your energy levels, you’ll feel more tired than usual, so you should try to sleep well. Doing some relaxation exercises before leaving home will boost your energy.

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Usually, emotions take control of you, Scorpio, and no matter if this annoys you, it’s the best for you; it tells you how you’re feeling inside. If you are in a relationship, disappointment will make you open your eyes.

Think about how you could optimize time. Don’t get distracted and try to finish all the pending tasks.

Take care of your legs with creams and massages. Also, be careful with the flu and the cold, they are very annoying for Scorpio natives. Make sure your vaccinations are up to date.

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A stroke of luck will make you realize that the circumstances around you always work much better when your mood is predisposed. The things that you can't solve by yourself, let them pass, and focus on what can make you feel happy and fulfilled.

Concerning money you’ll have a revelation, and that doesn't happen very often. Revelations are a blessed gift that give you clairvoyance and lucidity.

In health, the stars give you an amazing ability to solve problems quickly and effectively, wring out stressful situations and resolve concerns.

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You feel closer to your partner and more aware of your mistakes; think about your old attitude and the issues it caused both of you. Try and find a positive way of connecting.

You will be lucky regarding some financial issues that have been weighing on your mind for a while. Things will get better. 

A positive outlook on life helps you make better decisions regarding your eating habits; it will allow you to sleep better and in turn increase your cortisol levels and keep inflammation and digestive problems away.

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Don't show your dramatic side to your current date, and keep away some of your inner coolness if you want to make things be the way they should.

The opposing forces battling each other inside you will make you too idealistic, so take a look at your personal finances to come back down to Earth.

Connect with your inner nature by doing an energy cleanse, and try fasting to stay vital and strong.

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This Friday will be full of celebration for you, Pisces. You’ll be surrounded by friends and family and loving vibrations. Single natives of this sign will win more than one heart tonight.

Besides, it will be your lucky day in financial matters, and to make this fortune even stronger, try wearing blue or violet tones to change your aura.

As far as your health goes, today you’ll be more sensitive than usual and that’s why you should avoid those foods that you know don’t sit well with you today.

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