Horoscope 14th February

Your spirit becomes presumptuous today, in which you’ll want to boast how beautiful your love relationship is, and how brilliant your family is. The problem is that in this life no one or anything is perfect.

Concerning money, be well informed about subsidies and pensions that could be adjusted to your circumstances, because it would help you.

You may have noticed how your eyes are drying out lately, and this is due to a somewhat exaggerated use of the mobile phone and computer screen.

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Be respectful to your partner (and have them respect you as well), and don't tolerate any sort of attacks against you.

Delegate your duties on other people and negotiate to find a suitable assistant who deserves the money you offer.

Shed away the fear and doubts that are clouding your mind, and turn your thinking upside down into an optimistic, life-loving point of view.

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Give your partner a proof of your love for them to reassure them and help ease the ongoing tension between you.

You'll see that, when money's the main goal and tool offered up for use, people can change radically.

Finally, health-wise, you'll enjoy a well-rested, positive attitude that will allow you to think more positively and face your day under a much calmer behaviour.

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Confidence, sharing a lot of time under the same roof and the vilest ruin sometimes causes us to neglect the details we have with our partner. Those that when the relationship took its first steps were constant, with many gifts and details, as well as nice words.

You spend too much money on food. Control this aspect and you will see that your economy doesn't go down as fast as it has until now.

Concerning health, enhancing flexibility is very positive so that your back pain disappears.

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You’ll have a luxurious Saint Valentine’s celebration. Go to the movies, have a romantic dinner. If you wish, you can invite other couples to hang out with you and your partner and share the happiness of having found true love. Wearing golden accessories will increase the Sun qualities in you.

Your lucky number today is 444. It’ll guide you towards harmony and inner peace. Listen to your intuition and trust your destiny.

Technology has taken over you. Go back to face to face conversations and other healthy habits.

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You thought no one would love you for the way you are. You were unsociable and very shy, but now you’ve changed a lot by having a person by your side who has opened your eyes. Be more attentive to your closest relatives.

Your job is in serious danger, and not because your performance is not adequate. There are a number of colleagues who will put you down to the bosses to end your relationship with the company.

Concerning health, sleeping less than 6 hours is counterproductive for your organism.

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You see love as a complement to life, something to enjoy, but when it comes to commitment, you get scared. However, you have to bet in order to win. Express your true feelings and don’t swim against the tide.

When it comes to work, why not become self-employed and finally put into practice these business ideas you’ve had for so long? Provoke your destiny and let it show you things that you’re bound to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to go deeper into the causes of your emotions. Trust a psychotherapist to guide you through this process.

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You are scared of commitment at first, Scorpio, but then, when you know that person is the one, you know how to love unconditionally. Enjoy this new period you’re going through; you deserve it.

Soon you’ll receive a pleasant surprise: a job opportunity, a fantastic business idea… no matter what it is, go for it. Cultivate clovers, so it increases your luck.

You enjoy good health because you have a very good attitude towards life. Do thinks you enjoy like some sports activity. Avoid taking animal or vegetal fats.

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Your feelings and emotions are revolutionized today and, although you can run the risk of suffering great climbs but also great decreases, you’ll always maintain a positive attitude.

The accumulation of money can easily lead, even if it seems like a contradiction, to waste and instability. Along with good luck, the stars herald confusion, little planning and chaos.

Dynamism is your best ally to face the final stretch of a process of recovery from something as delicate as depression. You begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

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This Valentine’s day you’ll have an incredible surprise when you’ll see what your significant other has prepared for you. Every single detail has been prepared so you can have the date of your dreams.

Today, you will need to overcome a few ongoing difficulties at work. You're sick and tired of investing your time and energy in a professional venture that seems to have taken over your whole life.

Your health is in excellent condition, perhaps you could focus more on positive thinking and bring more emotional balance in your life.

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You've learned to stay firm and persistent against emotional storms, so that minor incoming obstacle will be nothing for you.

Avoid thinking that things should be a specific way, and be bolder to make more progress.

As far as your health is concerned, try to bring some fresh, clean air into your home to make better, healthier choices.

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Consider having a talk with your partner on this Valentine’s Day to smooth out any rough edges without getting into an argument. Listen to your heart and let go of your ego for the sake of love.

This February 14th you’ll be able to start focusing on your long-term goals and moving towards a brighter professional future, Pisces. Today your lucky number is 1331.

Out with the old and in with the new -it’s time to start establishing order with your habits and priorities. Try adding raw fruits and veggies to your diet.

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