Horoscope 13th February

Love at first sight exists, and if you are single today you will feel it in your flesh spontaneously and eloquently, even with passion and enthusiasm. You have the right to a passionate adventure.

Some of your friends may try to convince you to enter a business that is apparently murky, or even dangerous. Before you say yes, take time to study the situation from all angles.

You are susceptible to some annoying blow on this day, but nothing that does not calm down by applying a little ice.

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Let your hair down once in a while and act crazy and wild to endure the oftentimes boring ride of life.

Enjoy your boosted intelligence thanks to the Sun's inspirational light, and don't spend money anywhere unless you're confident your savings can take it.

Explore new hobbies thanks to Jupiter's blessing, and join any fun meet-up proposals from your friends and acquaintances.

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Don't think that being a slob will go on much longer, and start helping out around the house more if you don't want your partner gone.

If you sell your jewels or other valuables from around your home, make sure you're getting all the money you should, and don't sell them cheaper than they actually are.

Even if you do intense training, that doesn't mean you're entitled to having fatty or unhealthy foods too often.

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You love sky is a beautiful blue, although some cumulus are possible, so you better carry the umbrella with you. Don’t suffer in advance, you really will not have to complain because everything is predictable, you will know how to detect the stones of the road not to stumble.

The astral climate related to Cancer money will not be bright, but neither will it be negative.

Concerning health, group activities are also for you and will help you to break down those more reserved facets of your personality.

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The joy you’ll feel today depends on your inner harmony and good relationships with others. Learn from the experiences of your past relationships and don’t repeat the same mistakes. Today you start a new journey in your life.

Take care of your personal belongings since they could be lost or stolen. Don’t worry if someone overshadows you at work, your leadership and visibility will rise again.

There’s a possibility you suffer from renal problems today. Pay a visit to a doctor and drink cranberry juice.

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Today you'll look back and remember your origins. It will be a very sentimental moment, as you will remember many people in your family that you no longer have at your side and still miss.

At work, you’re looking for a suitable person to join a project you have underway. You know that it won't be easy because it has to be complemented with you and that's not easy.

You don’t feel well and you will go to the doctor to get a prescription, but they don’t know what’s wrong.

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You love pampering your partner but today you’ll be surrounded by drama. Don’t tolerate his/her bad behavior and show your courage, at least temporarily. If you have young children, it’s time to impose more discipline.

At work you’re brave and independent and today you’ll realize that it’s ok to do things on your own if nobody wants to accompany you on your journey towards your goals.

The stars are on your side, so follow your dreams fearlessly. It’s a day of introspection and healing. Keep your body free of toxins and saturated fats.

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Sometimes you feel you have too many responsibilities in relationship matters; it’s ok to get away from them sometimes. Today you will make new friends, and it will be very profitable for both parties.

It’s good to have a helping hand when you need one. Thank all the affection you are going to receive in material format. Try to enjoy everything you do, even if it’s not your dream job.

Having a purpose every day when you wake up in the morning makes you do things every day that make you happier. Make sure you have enough sleep.

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The internal relationship with your family is going through a good time, which is not a pretext for you to accommodate and forget to take care of human relationships every day. Today will appear unique occasions for you to get closer to your siblings, your parents or your children.

This horoscope congratulates you on your ability to react today: pure agility, surprising ability and adaptability. Pure Sagittarius.

Concerning health, many times you end up turning your healing into a simple matter of faith. Any alternative therapy must be complementary.

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You can't just forget about the people who have always supported you and given you their unconditional love for so long. Try to make an effort and be more affectionate with them.

Your incredible ability to get past difficulties will allow you to grow professionally and benefit from more opportunities. This is the Universe's way of giving you the green light.

Find a quiet place in your home or outdoors and slowly breathe in and out until you've reached a calm and steady rhythm. It’ll do a world of good.

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Show your feelings every now and then, and let people see your vulnerable side to become stronger in the long run; it could be attractive to other people.

Make choices to sort out a situation exclusively by your reasoning and logic, and avoid an office romance.

Regarding your health, you might be drowning your mind in overthinking everything that happens. Avoid that to escape mental excess weight.

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Today you’ll feel like there’s something wrong in your relationship, Pisces. But, try not to lose sleep over it -this is due to your low emotional energy levels.

At work Jupiter’s influence will make it hard for you to focus and at the same time make you think that you can get things done much more quickly than you can realistically.

As far as your health today, learn to focus on the good things in life and try not to let negative people around you drag you down.

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