Horoscopo 12th February

Thanks to the planet Venus, love will be floating, you will be able to breathe, to the point that many broken couples will be reconciled and everything will be in order.

However, sometimes, your ex is better kept away. At work, you’re good at unraveling complicated situations and finding a solution to what seems like an ancient Egyptian enigma that only a few could decipher.

Physically, you will feel very good, and especially your sense of sight will be positive; if you have had eye problems, you will notice improvement.

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Get a makeover and avoid excuses to put it off, and be careful around your relationship to avoid unnecessary jealousy on their side.

Even if the course of finances has to change, you'll know how to handle it and come out afloat just fine.

Regarding your health, sleeping well can help you stay healthy by burning off sugar; and you should also avoid fluid retention by keeping too salty foods off your list.

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Make sure your partner agrees with your choices, and talk it over if you can't reach consensus at first. Save up the money you're spending too often on gambling to go on a special family getaway.

Finally, if you find time for a nap during the day, try to take one.

You'll be able to get back some of the energy you've spent, and you'll face the day much more ready.

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Do you know that Mercury is known as the planet of intelligence, of negotiation, Cancer? And as this Tuesday affects your sign in its love area, will help you improve marital relations. Watch out, improve, nothing more, it will not do impossible miracles.

Mercury will also influence Cancer's monetary sector, and under its protection, you should achieve financial benefits.

Make an examination of conscience, and be honest with yourself, because one thing is what you really want and another what suits you, especially concerning health.

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Today you’ll be able to speak openly about little disagreements that you have with your partner. Put your pride to the side and admit that you were wrong. You won’t come to an agreement if you continue being imprisoned in your fake postures.

The best thing you can do today is stick to your agenda and try not to fall off the wagon. Don’t let others take advantage of your willingness to help the unprivileged.

You'll feel full of energy if you add more vitamins and minerals and reduce carbohydrates in your diet.

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In bad moments you can't count on certain people. Once again it is noticeable that there are people who only come to you for the sake of interest. Your closest relatives will be at the foot of the barrel to give you a solution to all the problems.

New people are starting to show up at your job and they're probably getting paid more than you. You don't understand it after the last sacrifices you've made for the company.

Follow a friend's directions and start playing outdoor sports.

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The beginning of all relationships is sweet and the burst of energy you feel in yours in carrying you away. Listen to your heart and follow your impulses fearlessly. If you’re already in a long-term relationship, expect an improvement.

Your dynamic intelligence will be your strong point today, so put it into practice. Your great diplomacy will help you to convince someone that your project is worthwhile.

Focus on your health, well-being and their importance. Take time for yourself to disconnect and reset. Listen to music, meditate.

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Your relationship is not going like you would like it to go, but you keep trying because you love that person very much. Everything depends on the attitude you both take.

Your job might not be perfect, but you need to learn to appreciate it, because this is where you get the money for a living. Show yourself collaborative, and everyone will see your good energy and someone might offer you a better job position.

Leave bad mood aside, Scorpio. With a smile, everything is better. Focus on the small details of life, do something different today.

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In your relationship there is a void that is filled only by silence. That silence that spreads only increases jealousy, grudges, mistrust and suspicions, while the relationship goes rotten. Take back hope in your life, make the light shine again in you.

Your problem is to discover, for fear of the harsh reality that manifests itself before your eyes, that you assume too many responsibilities and then you can't fulfill them.

Focus your energies. Concerning health, your bones and muscles definitely need your attention.

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Capricorns are famous for their slightly pessimistic attitude, and it's only natural considering that Saturn, master of seriousness and responsibility, is the ruler of this sign. Try and infuse some optimism into your daily life, it will improve your mood immensely.

Look for motivation in the small things and you’ll feel more engaged and readier to tackle your workload.

Your feet are sore, maybe because of some new footwear you've been sporting. If your shoes are not the culprits, start massaging your feet at night before you go to bed.

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Make clear that if people want to love you, they should accept you in every way just like you do with them, and not try to make you change.

Send out your CV in a different, brand new way to stand out and show your skills; break the pre-set rules of job hunting.

Finally, meditation could be a way to help you quieten your mind. How about taking a stroll around town and being fully aware of where you are here and now?

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Pisces unbreakable willpower means that if you want something deep down, you’ll get it. Today try putting rose quartz under your pillow to protect your romantic relationships and open up your throat chakra.

Avoid borrowing money if you can on this Tuesday since if you have to, you will be judged by the people around you who think you’re careless.

Finally, at the end of the day take some time to unwind with a glass of lemonade and a good friend and forget about your troubles, dear Pisces.

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