Weekly Horoscope 11-17 February

You start a new week loaded with the desire to seduce, to be a brilliant person who arouses admiration from the people with whom you rub shoulders. That which you can see as a game can become complicated if you have a partner. To renew or to die.

That seems to indicate the years in your profession, because you can’t afford to stagnate and stay old. So update your training again.

You face ups and downs in your health but none of them will be an absolute disaster.

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Don't let strangers criticise the way you handle your personal and emotional issues, and have some wild and free fun.

Lure office liars into your trap to make sure you don't miss out on anything you're supposed to have for your own right.

Health-wise, you'll have to struggle against overtaking nerves if you want to get back to sleeping the whole night through.

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Ask that special person out and take the leap to find love once and for all. If you're already dating, sex will help save your relationship.

Financially speaking, you're fine, but a close relative is not, so you'll be having a dilemma about whether to loan them the money or not.

Finally, include more fish into your diet and try to avoid too much drama when being taken care of by your family in sick times.

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The week starts full of vitality, but your love life is not receptive to the desire you dedicate to be happy. In fact, it will be quite sullen. This is due to the influence of the planet Saturn.

Your acidic humor sometimes leads you to take too risky trusts with people you should respect. Some comments you make today will be inappropriate.

Concerning health, the idea of doing a little sport at home may cross your mind, and that can be very interesting. Add vitamin B12 to your diet.

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You’d like to change some things about you, especially your pride. You want to learn to apologize and admit when you’re wrong. You’ll have a wonderful Saint Valentine’s celebration.

Get ready for a passionate date! This week you’ll face tension at work. If you make a great effort, you will be rewarded with victorious results. Take advantage of the astral impulse to launch a commercial project.

Your kidneys could be your weak point this week. Control your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

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Fight for what you consider opportune. It’s possible that a third person crosses your life with the intention of taking your partner away from you, but that will serve to put your batteries and get closer to them.

You’ll receive a message to pay a pending payment. At first you will not give much importance, but to get out of doubt is better to pay as soon as possible.

Take the opportunity to disconnect after a few days of great stress and if possible leave your mobile phone at home.

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This will be a very inspirational week. Your partner’s ideas won’t let you get bored. You’re becoming more confident in and out of bed and this helps you give free rein to your fantasies. Single Libras will unintentionally send love signals and be approached by various people.

Don’t accept any job offer since at this point of your life you know well what you want. If you have a chance to volunteer, it’ll make you very happy.

This week you’ll focus on your psychology and this will be reflected in your good health, Libra.

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This week you’ll be happy exploring new things. Enjoy the time you spend with your partner or the person you’re dating. You won’t be loving and caring this week but show your appreciation if you feel you should.

You can’t expect a great day at work every day, although you know you can always rely on your intelligence and your natural talents. Thursday is going to be a great day, Scorpio.

Your will power is going to be tested this week. You’ll see how you’ll soon get a full recovery if you are positive.

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After a very reflective time in which you have been able to find yourself, the week begins with the demand for a new awakening that brings you back to activity. It is time to put into practice everything you have learned.

In money, you're exploiting a low percentage of your possibilities. Set out to explore new fields where you can find new opportunities.

Try to cover only those tasks you can accomplish. The neck area is expected as a focus of problems early in the week, and especially the voice.

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This week will introduce changes in your love life, Capricorn. You’ll discover new ways of expressing yourself and of being more joyful and polite. You will have an unforgettable Valentine's day.

You're one of those people who give it their all, your hard work is proof of your loyalty yet you end up feeling invisible this Monday and Tuesday.

Balancing your emotions will also allow you to have a better physical form. Chronic pain and the symptoms related to it will get better, and you will feel strong and healthy.

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Escape emotional vampires and stop trying to always be the ones to cheer up everyone else.

Devote some time to be the real you. Financially speaking, you'll stay on your slow but steady upward trend and keep earning money.

Finally, keep improving your physical state and finish off training sessions with some meditation, to get rid of the excess of information around your mind.

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There will be lots of planetary transit in your sign this week, Pisces. However, by the end of the week things will calm down in general, and you’ll be able to enjoy life with your partner.

Focus on following through with your ambitions and plans for your career starting on Feb 11. Picture your dreams in your mind's eye to help make them a reality in the near future for you.

To stay healthy this week, you’ll need to set aside some moments of solitude for yourself and work on eating a healthier diet.

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