Horóscopo 11th February

You will have a great need to shine and seduce, and this is due to the action of several planets with direct impact on this sign.

You will also benefit from the support of Venus. In money and work, it's time to update the knowledge you have in your professional sector, whatever it may be, to compete in a jungle full of lions.

Water will be more beneficial than ever to you, and so it is recommended that you opt for sports such as swimming, water polo or scuba diving.

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Be more cautious and less conflict-prone with your partner if you want to avoid being called a hypocrite.

Claim equality at work and make sure you get paid the same fair amount as everyone else for your performance.

Finally, why don't you trust the properties of orange blossom water? It'll help you relax your muscles and get rid of tangles in your hair.

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Open up to your partner about your needs and avoid toxic people who seem like nice individuals, but they have foul intentions inside.

Before you sign your next official document, make sure you read and re-read everything, including the finest print.

Give nutrition its rightful importance and avoid eating too fast and too unhealthily.

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The week starts full of vitality, but your love life is not receptive to the desire you dedicate to be happy. In fact, it will be quite sullen. This is due to the influence of the planet Saturn.

Your acidic humor sometimes leads you to take too risky trusts with people you should respect. Some comments you make today will be inappropriate.

Concerning health, the idea of doing a little sport at home may cross your mind, and that can be very interesting. Add vitamin B12 to your diet.

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It’s of vital importance that you keep calm, Leo. Useless discussions may turn your couple life into hell. Think well before you say or do things.

At work the day will be full of action. Your good mood will help you face problems and challenges. You may have to redo something you thought has been already solved. Trust someone you’ve just met at work to help you.

Try to calm your anxiety since it’s the reason you feel so uneasy. Practice conscious breathing techniques, drink lots of fluids and take walks in fresh air.

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You're worried after dreaming of infidelity. You suspect that your partner may be seeing someone else behind your back, but that's not really the case. It's a sign of your distrust of them. You don't really have reasons.

You’ll have to negotiate a pay raise or the collection of property. Everything will be easier if you face a Cancer. From the first moment everything will be very simple and will make it easier to reach an agreement.

Be careful with your back, you have been dragging discomfort for several days.

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With your partner it was true love at first sight. Today the intuitive bond between you will be reinforced even more. Your significant other may show how much he/she loves you in an affectionate and creative way.

Regarding money, live within your means. You love for luxury is making it difficult. Maybe you should dedicate yourself to the buying/selling sector to satisfy your needs to shop.

Try to do something new with people you don’t know well. New experiences bring new ideas and approaches to life.

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You don’t know how to find the most suitable words, and you are constantly the hardest critic of yourself. People only remember the way you made them feel, not the words you said. Don’t wait for the perfect moment to do something, go for it. If it’s a hard path to follow, then you’ll become stronger.

Difficult situations can happen every day, but good things also happen, make the most of both. Don’t let bad temptations take control of you.

Don’t put your health at risk; do it for yourself and for the people who worry about you.

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You need to get moving again. As one of the most dynamic and active signs, spending too much time hitting your head can be overwhelming. If you don't want it to turn against you, get out of that state of mind and start doing things.

There’s an unexplored field in which you can perform very well but you haven't even thought about it. You're missing opportunities because you exploit only a small percentage of your abilities.

From now on, avoid as much as possible substances that damage your vocal cords.

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This week will introduce changes in your love life, Capricorn. You’ll discover new ways of expressing yourself and of being more joyful and polite. You will have an unforgettable Valentine's day.

You're one of those people who give it their all, your hard work is proof of your loyalty yet you end up feeling invisible this Monday and Tuesday.

Balancing your emotions will also allow you to have a better physical form. Chronic pain and the symptoms related to it will get better, and you will feel strong and healthy.

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Avoid emotional exhaustion from making everyone happy, and see if your partner can change their current attitude.

At work, avoid daydreaming too much, and stay focused on the preparation you need to undergo to reach your goals in the future.

Health-wise, set some short-term goals when trying to exercise. How about meeting your milestones 5 minutes at a time?

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The Moon in Taurus means that Pisceans will need to spend time alone to reflect on emotional matters that they are traversing currently.

Learn to let your heart free -the past is in the past. Beware today fellow Pisces; you might get caught up in trickery and fantasies, so watch out for scam artists and liars more than ever today.

As far as your health goes, don’t forget to stretch! Your body is begging you for this, and your muscles could end up getting shorter if you don’t stretch often.

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