Horoscope 25th February

Some natives who have recently broken a relationship will live difficult moments that can with all your patience, no matter how great. In particular, the sky shows that you could live some tense confrontation.

In general, your material life will be stable at the beginning of this week, and if you know how to move along the corresponding paths you’ll find yourself benefiting from important transactions.

Your nerve endurance will be excellent and health should not be a problem, as long as you don't miss the risk of an accident.

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Take a step forward into your relationship and make a marriage proposal if you feel ready for it, or even suggest making a family.

Before you take the plunge of a new business adventure proposal, make sure you know how things would go in the long run, and whether you'd be safe or not.

Finally, take good care of yourselves and watch out for dizziness; it could make you faint or even fall down.

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Don't control your partner's phone; you have to find balance between living a life of blissful ignorance and judging other people's decisions.

Stay away from gambling and lotteries to protect your finances and keep being comfortable at your current job position.

Today is all about comfort, so get a pair of nice padded shoes and wear breathable, comfy clothing to work out.

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Your sentimental palate wants to chew the flavors of love, especially if you've been a while without waking up with anyone at your side, without a voice that wishes you good morning.

Someone might face you this day for work reasons. Maybe they're arguing about how the work schedule has been distributed, or because they think you're getting benefits you shouldn't get.

To find your usual energy, you’ll have to rest, yes, but also move, even if you find it paradoxical. The Moon advices that you sleep a lot.

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You’ve been maturing and now you understand some of your reactions when it comes to relationships. You’ll start this week with a new point of view. Your partner will be pleasantly surprised by your signs of affection. You’ll surrender to your desire for intimacy and express what you feel with your body.

Your workmates will be bad tempered today and you’d better find another place to work to avoid their negative energy.

You can look for an amulet like Fatima’s hand. Resting is the key today, go to bed early.

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Today you will know how to perform very well in social events. It will be a good opportunity to meet new people, especially if you show closeness.

Take advantage of any meeting to expand your list of contacts. You're getting uncomfortable working in group. There’s always someone who hinders your work and in the end you always end up stuck.

Stand up for yourself. If you think that your efforts are not enough for losing weight, you may be doing the wrong exercise.

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Your dreams may be very intense and even prophetic these days. You could have recently dreamt of an old friend you haven't seen in a while. Get in touch with him/her; it’s necessary for both of you.

If you deliberately provoke your co-workers, they won't think twice about returning it to you. It is preferable to count on others and have their needs in mind, because in this way money won’t cause any problems or sadness, Libra.

Protect your throat. If you already have a sore throat, have some tea or soup.

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Your love relationship has changed, and you have to accept it. It will never be like it was before again. You might have lost the spark of passion you had before.

Try to distinguish between criticism and advice. You will be able to finish your tasks because your mind is focused, and you also feel energetic and efficient.

You spend too much time giving excuses about why you don’t do the things you should be doing. This applies to your health. It doesn’t take much effort to eat well and exercise.

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A long-shaken relationship seems to be coming to a critical moment when Sagittarius will have to make a momentous decision. Although the situation may overwhelm you, you will soon realize that it can be a liberating decision.

The change of economic trend around you strengthens the opening of new opportunities that can come poisoned. Now more than ever you have to use your sixth sense for finance and sharpen the cunning.

In health, Did you know that the stars are on your side in everything that affects the recovery process?

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Single natives of this sign will have a pleasant surprise in the morning. Capricorns that are in a relationship may experience intense jealousy and they’ll struggle to hide it.

The information that you discover today will help you for the rest of the month. Try not to waste your energy planning for the distant future. Your life is happening now, in the present, so don't neglect the urgent matters of the moment.

In case you're dealing with anxiety and stress, try bay leaf infusions to relieve tension and feel calmer.

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Share your inner feelings with your partner about your current situation but be reasonable and avoid putting pressure on them when you do.

Double-check your paperwork, enjoy having a generally good financial situation, and try being a little bolder.

Have a regular schedule arranged to get rid of your current anxiety and stress.

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The planetary alignment today will help you to remember why you’re with your partner. Think of the big picture when it comes to what the two of you have together.

Use a stroke of creativity this February 25th and your karma will reward you with new alliances that will help you to mobilize change and improvements in your professional realm.

Today native Pisceans will be prone to retain fluids, so, try to avoid eating those salty potato chips and artificially flavored cookies during the next 24 hours.

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