Horoscope 24th February

There will not be who dares to bother you, because your mood will be quite irascible, and your partner will not have much intention to chat lovingly with you or anything like that.

You’ll have little or no news regarding your economy. That debt that a friend was going to settle with you is still pending. You should not be ashamed to ask for what you deserve.

Those struggling with a chronic illness will experience improvement, or even receive information about a new treatment that will alleviate them.

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Stop making people explain their actions and moves to you, and end your reign of emotional domination.

On the other hand, if you can, try to avoid recommendations from friends who try to tell you what to do with the money you make.

Health-wise, your fatigue will finally drop down and give up, so take a chance to go do some sport around nature to get some extra fresh air.

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Be natural so that people get to know the real you, and stop looking for your soulmate; they're already there!

You might be thinking about sharing to-do tasks and having others help you out, but at the same time you still want to be on top of everything.

If you think your life and mood will be improved by it, why don't you go under the knife and get some touch-ups?

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Living as a couple, during this Sunday you will notice how your body asks you to look for strong and new emotions, exciting. Your partner will quickly manifest a position contrary to yours.

With the current Cancer sky, with Jupiter impacting on it, you'll want to have great control over your accounts, as well as those savings you keep under your bedroom mattress.

You should take care of your liver. Stop any excessive consumption of alcohol during meals, something that is more than frequent when the weekend arrives.

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It’ll be a negative day when it comes to relationships. Don’t lose your temper. Instead, focus on what is happening around you and how it affects you. There will be some changes in your family life, which will shift your routine.

Planetary transits lead you to clean up. Free your home from heavy objects that absorb your energy and abundance. Your little health problems are under control thanks to your perseverance.

Add organic products to your diet. Organic food is healthy, wholesome and more nutritive.

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You won't always find love next to your house. You met a person who lived far away from you and now you’re willing to take up that relationship you had left halfway.

You have an important mattress saved and that will allow you to spend more money than usual. You've done a lot of overtime at work.

You spend a lot of time locked up in four walls. Whenever you have some free time, go on a hike or take a trip to a remote place.

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Looks like you’re getting obsessed with that special person. Don’t get lost in idyllic dreams, your needs come first. If you are in a relationship and feel that you’re the one who loves more, don’t worry; soon you demonstrations of love will melt your partner’s heart.

Improve your business; your economic future depends on radical measures you’ll be willing to take.

If you’ve been exercising very intensely lately, it’s time to take it easy and take up more holistic activities like yoga or tai chi. Health comes first.

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Your partner won’t be in a good mood today, but you’re not sure why. Don’t give them any attention when they act like that, let them be the one that comes and tells you what the problem is.

You are going in the right direction in your career, Scorpio, and that is why you’re going to receive a great amount of money. Your efforts will have a very good reward.

Listen to what your body needs at all times. Do some exercise; it will be good for you.

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The Moon’s shadow on Saturn draws a journey of rather low energies that if you don’t know how to manage can generate emotional problems. Avoid conflictive situations and environments of instability, enhance those situations that can generate good vibrations.

The change of the solar cycle in your regent introduces some advantages and other disadvantages that you have to take into consideration if you want to finish the day successfully. Pay close attention to the principle of authority.

The stars foresee symptoms of memory loss and lack of concentration and disorientation.

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Enjoying the ride is what love is all about. This will be a day to remember, try not to spoil it with your perfectionism. Relax a little today and allow yourself to enjoy something you've been craving for a while.

There's nothing wrong about spending money if you're doing it for the right reason.

You risk having more than one bad habit that has already turned into addiction without you realizing it — addiction to your phone, to work, alcohol, or tobacco among others. Focus towards a healthier set of behaviors.

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You need to realise about issues connected to emotions you've been ignoring if you want to experience your inner burning feelings.

Use all the tools you've got available to make your self-employment adventure an enjoyable ride.

Make an effort to look good to get surrounded by positive energy and be more likely to make your dream projects a reality.

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Today you’ll struggle to see the positive side of your relationship. Luckily your partner will come in with their good vibes and share all of their best with you.

At work, if you aren’t in a good mood, you might want to consider putting off that project that you’re supposed to help with for another day.

It seems like a coworker envies you and this is affecting your aura. Get in touch with that friend of yours who practices Reiki today, for a session. An energetic cleanse will help you to recover.

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