Horoscope 23th February

Thanks to the influence of the planet Venus, your power of seduction will be at the top, and like the one who is going to collect flowers in the field, you will be able to collect hearts without having to comb your hair.

Be careful how you project yourself on social networks, what pictures you upload and what kind of comments you make, especially if you're looking for a job.

Planet Mars is going to push you forward, provoking in you the desire to carry out a thousand activities.

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Today you'll have a chance to break your routine a little bit and your partner will find a way to sweep dread away and throw it out the window.

You'll also manage to sort out some financial issues of yours and this will help you calm down.

Planets will have a great influence on your health, so you'll feel livelier than ever. Take this chance to try out some new, exciting activities!

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Think seriously about what it is that you want from your current relationship, and watch out for signs of fading fires.

Make some extra money by selling some of your gold and silver jewelry pieces you're not using as much anymore.

Health-wise, stop using your lack of time as an excuse to avoid exercising, and get rid of items that make you pile on the pounds.

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You are assured of happiness in love, or at least, that's the way it is for the vast majority of Cancer. And this is because the astral climate will consolidate the love of couples who are already trained, those who have been together for a long time.

Uranus will bring you some disturbances in the financial sector. You are going to count on Fortune to help you inflate your bank account.

Today you have the dynamism, tone and voracious enthusiasm that characterizes your sign, and also, you will be optimistic.

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You’ll be deeply affected by a situation someone very close to you will go through. Don’t worry about the same things happening to you; we cannot control our fate. The Moon in Scorpio will lead people to act more aggressively than usually. Don’t get involved in arguments.

Learning from the past mistakes is the best thing you can do. Listen to your inner self and follow your dreams. It doesn’t matter what people say. The best business trend is the one your intuition leads you to.

Keep exercising; you’re about to see your workout results.

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You're very much in love with the person you just met. In fact you think that person is your soul mate, but in a relationship you have to be more cautious. Everything that starts well can change in a matter of days. Go slow.

You can improve your income with the help of Jupiter. The games of chance will be positioned in your favor and any lottery participation you buy will be beneficial to you. But control your impulses.

In health, you'll start paying more attention to your doctor's advice.

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Your relationship is not going as well as expected. Maybe you need to go separate ways for good and give your heart a break. Being single will help you value yourself more.

Regarding money, the message of the stars is clear: take advantage of all the help you get; you definitely need it. Welcome a new assistant at work or a babysitter at home. If you wish you were anywhere else but here, it’s time to plan a vacation.

If you feel frustrated for unknown reasons, focus on your diet and workout routine.

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You are making some changes at home for you and your family’s wellbeing, think about when you need the motivation to continue. Continue making your relationship a wonderful thing to share with your partner.

You feel confident because you are making big efforts. Think about your goals (promotion or pay rise) and go for them! You’ll convince with your ideas.

You need to focus some attention on yourself and what you need. Create new routines, eat when it’s the time, do exercise, rest, and enjoy, Scorpio. .

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Building a long-term loving project may be demanding too much energy on your part, and you are abandoning without realizing the most essential things of everyday life.

Listen more to the other person and work to match your personality to theirs. Now is the time for you to stand up at work.

Few days you will be as strong and sure of yourself as you are today, you’ll make the most coherent decision without fear or renunciation. You can’t afford having whims if you want to maintain your health.

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You will only continue to change your life for the better - but only if you stop reliving the past over and over again. Losing parts of your old life will be inevitable if you want progress.

Forget about your fears of the unknown and start on a new path. You can build an empire with the stones you find along the way. 

If you're dealing with a dry scalp, try to use a special shampoo with natural products that will balance out the hard water that could be causing dandruff.

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Try out new methods you haven't experienced much to have more chances of finding a life partner.

Believe in your good luck, because the stars are on your side, and calculated risks are your strongest financial feat.

Drink a daily cup of green tea to help detox your pancreas and liver safely.

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Pisceans are very romantic, and that’s why today you’ll be in a fantasy world of knights and princesses. But you should come back down to Earth and focus on your real tangible love.

The changes that you have made recently will be reflected in the people around you today -you’ll notice that people are friendlier and that they accept and like you.

Be prepared this February 23rd since an intense pain could take hold in your body out of nowhere. Listen to your body to find out where it’s coming from.

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