Horoscope 22th February

You will have doubts about the pleasure you give your partner and whether they are satisfied with it, as if it were an obligation and something that is executed unilaterally.

In money, you have to predict what changes there will be around you soon and study which chips you would move so that your well-being is not sullied.

Stop suffering for your complexes, accept at once what you do not like, and above all, value your qualities, which are not few.

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You'll know how to support your partner, and they'll do the same with you. If you're single, you're up for an interesting date!

Financially, if you want your accounts to stay balanced, make sure you don't splurge; and at work, you'll have to defend yourselves when someone around you does things wrong.

You're going through a stage of psychological exhaustion, so open up the windows and let some fresh air in.

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Enjoy your relationship and the role model it represents for friends of yours who are also seeing someone.

Mars encourages you to be cautious before you make a serious investment that everyone seems keen on.

Your legs are starting to feel too weak for comfort, so make sure you get up and do some walking. You could also share some generosity with a stranger by going to a blood drive and helping save some lives.

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During this Friday you are going to look a lot inside yourself, what are your origins and your roots, and how you have struggled over the years to have your own identity.

The money aspect is quite harmonious, and you yourself will be able to compensate for some extra expenses by being more moderate in other aspects. Gambling today will bring you disappointments.

Many of the natives of Cancer have a feeling of discomfort that has been dragging for weeks, and have already consulted with doctors. Maybe it’s psychosomatic.

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Let your imagination fly. Your generosity when it comes to passion will lead you to great experiences. Have you ever heard of Tantra? Much of what you intuitively know is related to this traditional Hindu art.

Be careful when shopping today, you could overspend on useless stuff. Today your lucky number is 112; follow its track to find abundance. You’ll be full of energy and vitality. Your luck is not accidental; you’ve attracted it with your positive thinking.

Take advantage of your good health to thank every part of your body for its good functioning.

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Today you ask yourself questions about the future of your relationship. You are already making plans to go and live with that special person, but you also have doubts about the difficulties that will appear with the coexistence.

Saturn augurs a very successful day to those who work in the field of commerce. New clients will appear, possibly foreigners. Do not miss the opportunity to expand your business networks to the international market.

Play sports early in the day, especially since you may be awake at the end of the day.

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This love is so powerful it takes you conquer new territories of your inner world. You thought that one of the reasons for being in a couple was material prosperity but now you’ve discovered that the biggest treasure is sharing your life with someone who makes you vibrate.

At work your colleagues will come to you to soothe away their troubles. If you’re a boss, you should show your softer side.

Don’t keep it all to yourself, share your worries with your loved ones to relieve your pain.

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The variety of opinions is something natural; not everyone has to coincide with their point of view. It’s not important to be right; the important thing is that people feel comfortable with your presence. Scorpios don’t run away from the problems; they face them.

Today you will have to turn another fear into your talent. Rise from the ashes like you always do!

You need to balance your excesses in a better way. Study and investigate this new topic you are getting interested in. You were born for the spiritual life, Scorpio.

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It is an ideal day to put some feelings in order, but be careful. According to the prediction of the stars, the centaurs are going through a dangerous obsession to constantly look back at the past and recreate themselves in pain.

The communicative problems presented today by Sagittarius oblige us to make an extra effort to communicate ideas. If you have an important presentation, think ahead and leave nothing to improvisation.

In health, the stars point to the lungs as a delicate area for Sagittarius.

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Try not to stay cooped up today, go out and enjoy life. Venus has positioned itself in your sign which makes you very seductive and fascinating.

You could easily be the star of the night if you chose to go out. Your optimism will help you reach new opportunities at work. If you're looking for employment, you will be faced with positive feedback that will help secure the position you desire.

Fatigue often affects our short-term memory, which means that perhaps you've been under a lot of mental stress lately.

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Rejoice in your current relationship but don't despise or be mean to your previous partners.

Be careful with a colleague before things go too far in your attempt to earn benefits.

Follow a slow but steady path in your recovery, and learn from the experience.

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Ignore troubles that might come up since you don’t have time for the same old drama caused by the same envious people as always. Never stop loving and smiling, Pisces.

Today you’re likely to receive unexpected compensation for your good will to pay off a debt that you’d forgotten about. This February 22nd will be your lucky day if you’re looking for artistic opportunities.

The lunar flow this Friday will connect you to all things beautiful and make you feel young in spite of your chronological age.

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