Horoscope 21th February

Take a deep, quiet breath, Aries! Because the planet Venus will make shine a great light in your love issues, which will guide you through the best of paths to happiness.

Mercury is going to help you this day to organize your budgets more wisely, although intentions will fade as the hours go by.

You have a good dynamism and a better sense of humor, which makes your daily ailments (e.g. back problems) more bearable than usual. Make an appointment at a beauty center to have a treatment.

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Give your partner the nice surprise of a visit if you live far from each other, and invite some relatives you haven't seen in a while over to your home.

You'll also learn how to get rid of certain unnecessary expenses thanks to a little help from your friends, the stars.

Finally, stop neglecting your hygiene and start paying more attention to it even if you haven't got any serious issues coming on.

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Watch your outbursts and be very careful on a day when you feel like being all alone instead of risking breaking down.

Enjoy some quality time with your loved ones, and make sure that you have a job you fully enjoy, instead of doing something just for the money.

Go out and have a nice quiet stroll around the park to soothe down your temper from the stress of the day.

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The stars advocate inviting you to show yourself as you are, without fear, because your other half will remain there by your side. Tighten the holes in your belt and the string in your purse because it would be really nice if you had a rather humble day today.

Make budgets and don't infringe them for any reason.

Be careful with the variation of temperature, the contrasts of cold and heat could cause you to catch the flu in the dumbest way. Make sure you don't overheat your air conditioner.

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It’s a good day to think if the person you’re getting to know really interests you or simply is someone to hang out with. You may surprise yourself by understanding how important he/she is.

You’re bored with your work and daily routines. Take a break to freshen your mind. Get home earlier and do something different.

Reinforce home hygiene, since someone in your environment is going through a serious infection. Clean door handles with bleach, wash your hands, ventilate your home, and, most importantly, keep your spirits up.

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Sometimes you argue for no reason with your partner. Even if you have minimal differences when it comes to dealing with certain issues, all of this will end up wearing down the relationship.

Today you will return money you had pending to collect. Even if it’s not much, it will help you to face a series of payments. Next time you are asked for a loan you will think twice.

You can't get rid of a cold that begins to bother you, especially at night. Use natural remedies.

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Sometimes you’re afraid to face your partner in order not to let him/her down. However, opening up about things that bother you and something you really want improves the relationship. Be brave, Libra, it’s in your nature.

You may finally make a decision to quit your job and take your professional career to new heights. You may find your niche working in discos, casinos, parties, since socializing is definitely your thing.

If you’re in a new relationship, ask your partner if he/she has been recently tested for STDs. Remember that after the feast comes the reckoning.

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Although in the past you have had to deal with unnecessary dramas for telling your opinion, today your partner is going to listen to you. Take advantage of this and talk about whatever is in your mind.

You sometimes need someone pushing you to perform at your best, but today you are going to impress your superiors with your good work, Scorpio.

You won’t expect the results of some tests for some illness, but it will make you aware of the problem so you can solve it.

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The stars invite you on this journey to break the isolation you have imposed on yourself and live a full social life that will come auspicious by a special brilliance.

All your social skills are enhanced, and this indicates that wherever you go you will feel the protagonist, and eager to lead. You have to extend your social networks to consecrate your work in a collective effort.

Great projects can come out of contacts. Concerning health, you need new reserves of energy: more minerals, more vitamins, more iron.

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You’re doubting your partner and you're finding it difficult to believe their words. Try not to be so suspicious, Capricorn. This is a tense moment which will make you more prone to conflict and dominating those around you.

You will be faced with a large domestic expense that you were not expecting. Try keeping some money handy to prevent this from happening.

If you stick to your diet plan and you make sure to incorporate exercise, you will feel much better, and you'll be able to balance your nervous system.

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Confess up your feelings if you really love that person, and make sure they know what you've got inside before they're tired of waiting.

Find a way to make a difference through your job instead of being just another pawn in the world of business.

Embrace your inner transformation and learn to accept the fact that we all age at some point.

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You might be in love, but don’t go overboard talking about this fact with your friends and family. Instead, try asking them more about what’s going on in their lives.

Today Jupiter will be on your side and give you an extra boost in your finances. This means that you’ll be able to afford that expensive piece of furniture that your family really needs.

It’s hard to avoid catching a cold, so, try some honey cough drops or ivy syrup to relieve your cough symptoms this February 21st.

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