Weekly Horoscope for 18-24 February

There will be ups and downs this week, but if you have a good use of your innate emotional intelligence you’ll manage to keep the best moments, and you’ll discard from your memory those that are less interesting.

At work, you don't notice it anyway and the atmosphere is tense. Prudence will be your best friend.

Humans have energy similar to the battery of a car; we can regenerate what we spend whenever we are on the move. It’s not inexhaustible; if you misuse your vital resources, you’ll end up exhausted.

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There's plenty of winds of change coming into your relationships whether you're single or taken, but don't get overwhelmed.

Don't trust others to sort out your financial issues, and keep looking for a new home in other areas of the city.

Health-wise, control your sleep hours and try to add up more hours into the night counter; cleanse your mind through walking in the woods.

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Enjoy intimacy with your loved one and don't forget there's room for everyone and anyone in your social circles.

You'll manage to overcome obstacles if you use your wits, and could earn plenty of money from selling unused items.

Finally, start focusing on you and less on others, and watch out for activities where you have to load up heavy weights on your shoulders or back.

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We predict the arrival of some ideal days to make an analysis of your essence, of introspection. Exercises, in short, to help you understand your origins and your roots, and feel proud of them, because thanks to them you are in this world.

With some upsets, the truth is that the appearance of money will be charged with harmony, and equity and justice will shine above economic hardship.

This week is good for you to look after your mental health and analyze everything inside your psyche.

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During this week you’ll feel how powerful your charisma can be. You don't have to do too much to attract everyone’s attention. Towards the middle of the week, the bad lunar influence will lead to discussions and an overly critical attitude towards your relationships.

Be more humble and learn from your mistakes. Boredom will lead you to consider moving or changing your job.

Think twice before you give in to the impulses. Focus less on outer looks and more on your inner self. Protect your time, feed your inner life.

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Sometimes you exceed with protagonism and that will lead you to make decisions on behalf of your partner. Even if you don't do it intentionally, the only thing you get is to annul the other person, who will feel none of your feelings.

At work you will have a companion who will tuck you in at all times. That person will be a kind of father who will guide you and give you wise advice.

Concerning health, it’s time that you solve all the issues that concern you.

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In order to reach overall well-being it’s necessary to get rid of old emotional scars. Your partner may question the way you feel. Don’t get mad. He/she just wants to get to know you better.

This week your relationship will be tremendously strengthened. At work you may be put to the test. Keep your cool. You’ll have a great week if you’re self-employed.

Keep your mind healthy by taking care of your body. Immerse yourself in a mineral bath to recharge your batteries and get rid of negative energies that you have in your head.

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Your lack of focus might cause tension between you and your significant other this week. Harmony will prevail once you centre yourself on the problems of the household.

You haven't finalized all your projects and you still have some obstacles to overcome but right now your economy is booming. Start thinking about an action plan and of strategies to organize your time and energy best.

Take care of your mood swings; you might experience oscillating feelings at the beginning of the week. Ignoring them might cause mental stress and anxiety.

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A week of expansion and recomposition, of feeling good about yourself, of recovering order, sensations, and the desire to give and receive love. Break with the fence of self-imposed loneliness.

At work, the best way to get back into the winning dynamic is to activate yourself through the little challenges. Find the motivation in the short term objectives, and face the fatalistic current with the desire to overcome.

A fennel tea with lemon balm and walking for a while will favor the natural elimination of gases from your intestine.

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Try not to focus on the things you have lost and instead centre yourself on maturing. Saturn’s influence is guiding you toward personal growth and infusing you with more tenderness.

You will come up with new business ideas during meetings with trustworthy friends. Imagine the excitement of organizing and planning a new venture. You may be struggling with memory issues this week.

If you experience this for more extended periods, you might be dealing with mental fatigue so try to get more rest and stop torturing yourself with unnecessary thoughts.

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Make sure both you and your partner bring the same level of commitment into the relationship, and don't have them expect that only you do more.

Focus on managing your resources and goods more wisely, and watch out for personal contributions or financial favours to friends and family.

Do some extra sport when you join a team, and be careful about your actions and their consequences.

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Natives of Pisces have gone through a few tough years, but this week they’ll experience harmony in this emotional realm which will help them to find a sense of peace and gratefulness in life.

Starting on the 18th Pisceans need to remember to know their limits since this will help them to succeed professionally. This week will be full of abundance both financially and spiritually.

All signs point to good health for Pisces this week. But, don’t forget to eat a balanced diet and to get rest and exercise.

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