Horoscope 20th February

You have to try to reinforce the complicity within your love relationship, holding hands with your spouse or partner so that you are reconnected as in the past.

In principle today you will not have to worry about money issues, and if in recent times you have made some investments today you will be able to collect part of those profits.

Certain changes in your personal situation will deeply disturb you, and you will look tired and head down. Do some sport, like swimming, to drown your demons.

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Neptune might be a delicately placed planet in your skies, but your partner will be appreciative of whatever you do for them, so it's all good.

Stop sending hateful messages and accusing others at work of trying to mess with you, if you don't want to be the ones sent home permanently.

You should sleep more hours if you want your heart to be healthy in all senses of the word.

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Stop worrying and change your attitude towards your partner after having an unsettling dream about being cheated on.

You'll be working together on a brand new business with an acquaintance in pursuit of a more financially comfortable life.

Keep doing all the sport you're doing without reaching the point of obsession, and avoid pills and medications to trust natural remedies.

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The harmonious appearance of Venus protects your life as a couple, but it will lack passion and spice to the day, so you will have to wear it yourself.

It's time for you to seriously think about how to expand your business, break the monotony that has you anchored in your city, in your comfort zone, Cancer.

Are you a native of Cancer that when falling asleep makes deep snoring, so many that sometimes you wake up with your own noise? Sleep in a lateral position and quit smoking.

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You’ll be very critical of your partner today. Think about your own defects and remember that perfection doesn’t exist. If you keep thinking about your partner negatively, you’ll spoil your day and your mood.

It is very important that you listen to that inner voice that asks you to organize your matters better. Establish priorities, discard what is useless and renew some important contacts.

Are you thinking of getting a tattoo? Remember that they are for life. Getting a tattoo always carries some health risks. You may regret it over the years.

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You're going through a good time sentimentally. Every day you put a lot of effort in everything you do in the spirit of keeping your partner happy. However, you shouldn't be so dependent.

Today you will be able to control your day's expenses much better. Otherwise, with the card you consume everything you want without realizing the consequences that it will have on your savings.

You are experiencing vertigo problems, possibly due to hearing, so you should avoid especially high places, such as buildings or bridges.

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You have a sweet relationship with your partner, calling and texting each other all day. And yet, you can’t avoid making a scene if you feel displaced for a moment. Keep your insecurities at bay, they’re unjustified.

Today you’ll have to face a difficult challenge. You must keep your cool at all times and act quickly. The indigo blue color favors your thoughts and also helps you make your presence felt. Keep this in mind when choosing clothes!

Jasmine oil should be on your shopping list today because of its calming properties.

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You can’t expect your partner to fulfill all your expectations, Scorpio. No matter how insecure our felt in the past, you need to understand that everyone can do whatever they like.

Besides, you know your partner loves you very much. You know you need to give way to your wandering spirit, but that you also want to work hard for your dreams. You can combine both things.

You don’t know everything that’s going on with you, Scorpio. Go to the doctor. Take care of your most sensual part of your body.

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Curiosity can play tricks on you today, unless you do your own thing and stop taking an interest in other people's private lives. Even if you don't have bad intentions, sometimes these attitudes end up causing misunderstandings.

Economically you’ll feel some pressure to risk your economy, probably from your own bank or some investors, but you have to preserve your autonomy and make decisions without getting carried away.

The astral transition removes your threats and takes them by the hand towards a state of calm and relaxation.

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The influences for today are extremely favourable in terms of creative energies - your imagination will overflow like never before. You will enjoy better communication at work and attract more possibilities.

Seeing the world in a new light allows you to have a fresh perspective on your work as well. Changing your M.O. will allow you to be freer and enjoy your activities more.

This is an ideal day to let go of bitter feelings, regret, and sadness. The planets are urging you to start on a new emotional path.

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Rejoice the special relationship you're sharing with your most recent date partner and break off ties with labels.

Don't let rejection from companies take you down when you go job-hunting.

As far as your health is concerned, don't forget that aside from helping others out and being their strongest support, you need to prioritise and take good care of yourselves as well.

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Today your partner might surprise you with a romantic dinner by candlelight that you won’t soon forget. Don’t worry, the end of your sadness is near, and you’ll see things clearly soon.

This February 20th the financial security you’ve been looking for will finally appear, and the cosmos will help put you in touch with the right people to achieve this.

The celestial configuration will help you to stay calm and stress-free even while balancing many matters at once. Try to focus on positive thoughts today.

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