Horoscope 19th February

This Tuesday's planetary influences will allow you to further tighten ties with your spouse, almost by magic. You may have some differences, but they will be moderate and even fun, as the discussions will end in laughter and not tears.

You want to amass a good fortune to dazzle your surroundings and grow socially. The Magic Horoscope recommends that you do not exaggerate.

To improve your well-being you should plan some activity that combines sport and physical exercise with pleasure and hobbies.

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Fight dark thoughts with positive ones to think about when you'll see your partner; if you're single, have a good mood and break some hearts.

Set a personal goal this Tuesday and try to stop feeling trapped by your intense schedule.

As far as your health is concerned, get up earlier to enjoy the day more and appreciate the little things you usually skip when you're rushing.

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Don't feel overwhelmed if you want to try new seduction methods after several failed relationships.

Financially speaking, things seem to go slower than they should, because that loan or inheritance you were supposed to get from someone else hasn't come just yet.

Start thinking about getting your body ready for the beach and be more aware of your daily diet.

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Try to make some plan where laughter is assured, like going to the movies together to watch a comedy, or getting tickets to see some monologue in the theater. But try to make it intimate.

In money soon you could suffer a setback that if you are insured you will solve without any problem, although if you are not, you will shed some tears.

In health, the important thing, Cancer, is that you protect yourself from the risks of injuries. Practice sports that are adequate to your body and condition.

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Today you may have a conflict with your in-laws. You’re loyal and protective and expect your partner to be the same way. However, you’ll feel attacked and undervalued. Give people more time to react; not everyone has your capacity to act quickly.

You’ll have numerous job opportunities and you’ll have to make a decision in accordance with your character and needs. Keep humble to maintain peace in your workplace.

Seasonal hair loss is normal. However, if you’re worried about losing too much hair, pay a visit to a dermatologist.

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The stars invite you to be honest with your partner. You may be hiding something from your partner, but you don't really tell them for fear of their reaction. In the end, the other person will get on your skin and realize how much you were suffering.

You’re a bit worried because there is a delay in the payment of payroll at work. The only thing that comforts you are the good words of the bosses.

Don't get so obsessed with the physical. It’s ok to skip the gym sometimes.

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Old loves can come together again and be happier than ever. This relationship may lead you to the most important events in your life. You had to go separate ways back then to learn new things and mature emotionally.

You’ll be lucky if you decide to write for a living. New job opportunities are about to come. It’s also possible you’ll come into an inheritance.

Now it’s time to immerse yourself in mineral-laden baths, receive an aquatic treatment or have a swim in the sea. You need to get rid of other people’s negative energy.

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If you are in a relationship with an air sign (Libra, Aquarius, Gemini), everything is balanced. Aren’t you afraid of falling into the routine? You love each other very much, but you need a boost of renewal.

You are expecting your economic situation to improve, but the stars are waiting for your success to arrive when you truly deserve it, so you can appreciate the happiness when you achieve it.

You might hurt yourself today. Look after your back, or you’ll get some contracture.

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A kind of astral confluences and coincidences play in your favor to put in connection the elements that until now were disintegrated. In chaos order will appear.

At work, although bad news may flow around you, you must maintain your mental strength so as not to be dragged along by the fatalistic current, and that is sometimes no good.

In your war against sweet pounds today a new battle, but this time not because of weight problems but because too much food with sugar is damaging your dental health.

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You find yourself in a strange situation today - try to act as naturally as possible and don't get defensive before you know what it’s about. Capricorns are notorious for passing judgment so try to be more diplomatic.

You're going through complicated times at work but resist the urge to change things. You might be faced with irreparable damage if you act too rashly.

You could experience some joint pain due to an incorrect position while sleeping, experts say that the best way to sleep is laying on our back.

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If your current relationship doesn't feel as satisfying as it used to, you might want to consider parting ways.

Ready to forget about a dreary job with no future perspectives? Take the plunge and combine studying and working for a period of time.

Health-wise, amethyst could help you to get rid of the nervous energy that somehow forces you to make heated life choices.

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Follow your heart and don’t forget to tell that special someone in your life how much you care about them with little actions. This person is worried about you more than you realize. Track your dreams, they will help to guide you, today.

This Tuesday the cosmos could be generating tension in your workplace -don’t get desperate, Pisces- you’ll be able to solve this with patience.

Don’t forget to moisturize, Pisces friend. Your skin is likely dehydrated from the shock of the cold winter weather.

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