Horoscope 18th February

If you have a partner, you’ll feel like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden before the snake ruined everything. The feeling that will reign around you is that the world is made for you.

For the sake of your economy, try to keep your opinions about politics and religion in your workplace. Once you go out the door, unburden yourself with a friend.

For a little more sleep and a little less early in the morning, how about trying to prepare breakfast for the next day at night?

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Find out whether the intel you received about your partner is true or not, but even if you find something strange, don't let it change your opinion of them.

Create a new family budget all together and make it democratic so that everyone gets to have their say.

Stop trusting the power of dark, sun-blocking curtains, and allow sunlight to be your natural alarm clock.

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If you want to be at every single meet-up and party you're invited to, that's fine, but make sure you don't cause your partner to be jealous of what might be happening.

Expand your financial perspectives through a business proposal you won't be able to refuse.

Finally, start getting yourselves back on track by having a healthy diet to stop losing hair and energy every day.

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Love is something organic, it is a living feeling that must be nurtured and cared for every day so that it does not die. You will pamper your relationship as if you were the best gardeners.

At work, the fear of losing stability means that many times we don’t evolve, that we find ourselves anchored in some aspects of our life that bore us or displease us.

Doing sport first thing in the morning will help you get rid of the demons we all have when we wake up.

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Today you’ll come across a very spiritual person or even your soulmate. You’ll learn new concepts of love, which will be less rigid, more compassionate and equal. A friend who has always been there for you needs your help. Your kindness will be rewarded.

You’ll be challenged by very intelligent people at work. Their offer may even make you consider a change in your profession.

Don’t make sudden decisions, evaluate the complications. If you remember what you dreamt last night, note it down. It’ll be important for you future.

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You hear the comments of several people, where they warn of a possible change in your way of being since you fell in love with your partner. This may make you think. If you're comfortable next to a person, there's no reason to worry.

Those who have a business on their own are thinking about renewing it. With a coat of paint on the walls and do a thorough cleaning will give another aspect to the establishment.

Today the stars show a greater tendency to suffer eye discomfort.

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Today is a perfect day to declare your love to this special person. Think of an original way to express your feelings. Don’t be afraid, he/she feels the same way about you and will undoubtedly say yes.

Be careful at work; your workmates might want to take advantage of you. You’ll have the opportunity to collaborate on a project. Don’t say no immediately, look into the matter and think how you could help.

Some past memories will make you feel nostalgic. Try yoga to release retained energies.

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Don’t neglect your relationship, Scorpio. Things are getting out of hand, and if you don’t want this love to end, you need to do something about it.

You are starting to see the results of your hard work, so your economy is starting to flourish. Some relatives of yours are going through a tough economic moment, and they will ask for your help.

You need to listen to your body and stop the spiral of suffering that is inside you. You need to calm down, or you’ll start having depression symptoms.

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Few days like today you’ll feel so full of passion and so much need to love and be loved. However, giving is more important than receiving, because you feel an unrestrained need to give yourself body and soul to the person you love.

As far as finances are concerned, today will be a very placid day in which you’ll recover the levels lost in the last few days.

You’ll feel the uncomfortable presence of stuck gases in your stomach. Take fennel tea with lemon balm and go for a walk.

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You will start your day feeling sad but you must snap out of it and focus your attention on positive things. You are the master of your own emotions, irrespective of what those around you feel.

Good fortune marks today, and you will be surrounded by lucky circumstances concerning your finances. You come across an incredibly lucrative idea when a friend asks for your advice.

You’ve been disciplined regarding your diet. Remember that when going through the process of detoxing, we sometimes have headaches, suffer from colds, or joint pain.

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Enjoy your partner's incoming hand and let them take you towards new life stages to enjoy together.

Find investors for your brand new business and stop taking the abuse of your lazy relatives.

Finally, do sport and train together with a team of people to not only live a healthier life, but to also have fun while you're taking good care of yourselves.

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You’ll go back to a place that brings you wonderful romantic memories. Think about getting in touch with the person that you shared those beautiful moments with. Today children in your life will need you more than usual.

Today your life will be full of abundance, and you’ll finally understand the value of the intangible things in your life.

This February 18th you’ll be feeling a little sluggish, and you might want to consider taking a vitamin supplement to boost your energy levels on these hard winter days.

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