Horoscope 17th February

Your phone will ring today and as the sender of the call you will see the name of someone you haven't heard from for quite some time. The stars do not recommend you to take things back to where they left off.

Mercury will play a very important role in awakening your professional side, as you will see a former colleague who has evolved more than you.

You will suffer a rather diffuse fatigue. Adopt a healthy style in which there is some sport.

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Communicate a little more with your partner in order to get completely rid of those minor arguments that won't jeopardise your relationship, but are definitely there.

Give your relatives a chance to tell you why they need money, and only then, make a final decision for better or worse.

Explore the world freely and burst the overprotective bubble you've created all by yourselves.

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Have an open conversation with a flirtatious friend, and see if you're actually interested in starting something with them.

Stand up for yourselves when a workmate goes too far with their arguments and complains about the wage you're getting.

Calm activities like yoga or pilates will help you improve your flexibility and clear your mind from disturbances and issues.

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This astral atmosphere leads at the end of the week to comfortable and peaceful conjugal relations, and not only that: you will also be safe from damned jealousy. In money, it’s obligatory to respect the budgets, the handling of your material situation.

Otherwise, you’ll end up losing what you are kneading, those profits obtained recently.

Your hormones may not be at the right levels, so your mood will fluctuate. You have a key role in the health of those around you to show energy and desire to live.

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Your hypnotic gaze and elegancy will attract a secret admirer. Some people find it hard to get close to you because you give off intimidating vibes. Try to be more humble and approach others to show your loving heart.

You feel like you should change your place to live. It’s important that you evaluate the location, cost, and the type of housing you prefer to live in.

You could suffer from lower back pain if you don’t take care of yourself. Adopt a proper back posture when moving furniture or lifting weight.

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You make a mistake if you always end up falling in love with someone at work or your group of friends. That's one more example of how complicated it is to socialize with strangers. Try socializing with other people.

There are many rituals to attract money. Even if you're not going through a bad time, it never hurts to increase your income and save a little for the future.

It's always good to be protected against accidents, whether on the street or at home. You should take out health insurance.

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You’ll question your capacity to bond with others. In order to find answers, you’ll have to look into the mirror of someone else and take a genuine and honest look at what they are reflecting back to you.

You’ve been playing an active role in the business world and currently struck the right balance between idealism and practical realization. You may be promoted due to your individual decisions and excellent organizational capacity.

It’s time to visit your family doctor and ask about new treatments since yours may be obsolete.

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Right now you are more a scorpion than ever. You go from one extreme to the other. The planets make you more uncontrollable than ever. A good way to regulate your mood is through art.

Today, don’t forget you have to live the present moment, forgetting about the past and the future. Don't let the beliefs of a safe life take away the concern of who you really are.

You might be neglecting your health lately. You need to prevent, not think about your health when it’s too late to cure it.

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An ardent and passionate day, who in some moments will have to extinguish the fire to attend to the usual occupations. However, in your free time, to give free rein to these passions can be of the most amusing thing.

In a matter of money during today you have to avoid becoming obsessed with growth, Sagittarius. In a situation of stability is important to maintain patience and tranquility.

The stars guess in your organism a recovery of the health problems of lack of iron due to which you dragged anemia.

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Arguing with your loved ones is never a good idea, Capricorn. You can choose to fight or find a way of being happier and seizing life's opportunities with both hands. It's up to you.

If you are concerned about money, take some time and plan your expenses for Monday but make sure you spend the rest of today enjoying your free time.

You’ll have to pay attention to sudden movements, or handling objects that might harm you. There is a high risk of domestic accidents primarily due to misused energy.

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Let curiosity be your guide and enjoy the free-flowing communication with your friends and loved ones to know how you're doing.

Instead of having too many expectations and creating mental barriers, be calm and collected as situations unfold before you.

Finally, have an iron-rich diet and enjoy the pleasures of traditional, homemade cooking.

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This morning you’re likely to get hit with extreme melancholy that could put a damper on your present state. It’s hard to go to places that bring back memories -seek out a friend that’s a good listener for advice.

This Sunday, focus on the abundance you can find in having less. Do some spring cleaning -just keep the things that bring you joy.

To improve your mental health today, take a few deep breaths before you say anything when you’re angry. Aggressive energy could wreak havoc on your nervous system.

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