Horoscope 10th February

This Sunday you are going to show yourself too hypocritical in matters of the heart. You see very badly that someone does certain actions that you develop day by day, and also, you bear fatal criticism, as well as the fact that you are judged and analysed.

Since it's Sunday, you should take a break, and stop analyzing what excellent financial transactions you're going to make next week.

Enjoy the time and the moment. Also, if you want to keep bad vibes away from you burn a little Rosemary.

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Try to endure Venus' influence when you see rumours and insecurities around you connected to your relationship and your partner's faithfulness.

Avoid being seduced by entities who apparently work on the humanitarian projects you're interested in, but deep down are only interested in making money and being popular.

Health-wise, anxiety-based diet issues will be the norm today. Write down every snack you take and why you take it to keep things under control.

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Don't spend so much time with your partner and learn to create some balance between romantic time and time with friends.

Even if today's a good day for bets, avoid splashing too much cash into it, and save whatever money you get away for the future.

Enjoy being the center of attention for your healthy routines and glowing appearance.

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It's a good day to propose to your partner to move forward, row together in your relationship and take one more step that consolidates the foundations you already have.

The Sun is shown in a tortuous aspect and does not want to throw its light or heat to the aspect of your economy.

This Sunday should be an obligatory day dedicated to laughter, just for the numerous beneficial effects it has for your health. That way, laughing out loud will improve your well-being.

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You might unexpectedly come across a person who has awakened your passion and who you haven’t managed to forget. Be careful and don’t let this encounter ruin your present relationship. You’re not meant to be together.

You’ll feel the need to search for an object from your past and you’ll realize how much useless stuff you’ve accumulated.

Clean up the mess and make space for the new. Empty spaces let good vibes flow and bring abundance. Treat yourself to a relaxing and liberating bath to release tension.

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Your partner needs some gesture of affection. During the last few days you have moved a little away from her or him to the detriment of other people. Look for a space in your busy schedule to be with them.

Your economic situation is very good today, although sometimes you miss having a little more free time to spend money, especially on whims, such as going out to dinner or make a getaway.

If for any reason you can’t practice sport it’s preferable to lead a life as active as possible.

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The stars promise that love will flood your life. You may go on a date today which will be a success and allow you to get closer to finding true love. A friend could get in touch with you to tell you some good news that will somehow change your life.

Days of great prosperity are coming. Trust yourself because your inner sense of empowerment is essential to success.

Your control over your life reflected in your health. It’s time to take care of your body and do more physical exercise.

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You’re going through a very special moment with the one you consider your better half. You connect as you’ve never connected with anyone before. Make the most of it.

Being able to work as a team is very good, but make sure you’re all on the same team and don’t let anyone take credit for your ideas.

You are doing very well on your health recovery, Scorpio, although there are still some things going round in your head that need solving. Make sure you know who you are and what you want.

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The arrival of the Moon from Scorpio subjects you to a process of revision of the past in which you must bravely face some situations that generate pain. However, it is essential that you learn to face this pain in order to overcome it, instead of continuing to flee.

In money, withdraw your strength and devote yourself to preparing the next steps. Put your efforts into reflection.

The time has come to put a little more head in the affairs of the heart, Sagittarius.

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This Sunday, your finances are not on your mind at all, however, you will receive good news about properties, family homes, or family objects which have been estranged and will be given to you for safe keeping. This gives you great pride.

The lucky number for today is 89, make sure you follow the signals. Be careful when trying food you're not used to; your sensitivity to certain types of food might cause an allergic reaction.

Take good care of your skin, natives will struggle to keep warm and protected.

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If you want to get started on your partnered life and make your own home together, enjoy the current planetary influence that makes your bond stronger.

Enjoy the changes coming in to work, but be careful and avoid having too much of a tendency to rebel.

Stay away and protected from external viruses, and have more zinc-based and vitamin B-rich foods to avoid infections.

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Today, don’t forget to spend time alone with your partner. It seems like lately, you’ve been spending more time with friends than as a couple. You need a few sacred moments for intimacy.

This February 10th you could have trouble keeping track of your belongings. So, beware if you want to avoid an expensive call to the locksmith this Sunday.

Also, if you want to stay healthy, don’t forget that you shouldn’t be sharing cups and utensils with others -especially if you notice that they’ve got a cold.

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