Horoscope 9th February

Is your ex back in your life begin you to come back and promising that this time it will be different because they have changes? Our advice is that you don’t believe in their words. Trust in yourself and in your experiences from the past and the way you felt.

In money, your consumerism levels are at its highest. Let some of your purchases aside and value if you really need what you are to buy.

Low mood? Consult a professional and include ginger and cashew nuts in your diet.

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Let objectivity be your guide and avoid making choices based on angry outbursts; the universe ultimately wants you happy.

You'll be tested on your financial skills, so bear through this test of fates for a while before you can take your next emotional break.

Finally, fight ignorance back by deconstructing and debunking health myths, and slow down on diet additives.

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Your current relationship is just fine, so when people from your past come back to make up for the time lost, make sure they know you'll just be friends.

You will see all your debts going away, and you'll also choose to throw out any item you've got lying around the house which you don't use or need.

Avoid being overly confident if you want to avoid having a minor slip at home that could cause an accident.

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Your love will be stable, sticking to the routine. You will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself, your solitude, even if it is almost obligatory.

You will be quite seductive in the business sphere. You will be able to sell ice bags at the North Pole if you so wish, because your commercial gift will be exquisite.

Is your life sedentary? If the answer is yes, you should know that a lack of physical activity causes us to age prematurely. Consider some simple exercise routines.

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Today is a perfect day for going shopping, walking in the city and eating out. A little frivolity will bring joy to your life. A close friend may talk evil of your family member. If they knew how much you defend what is yours, they would never dare.

Control yourself when shopping because the end-of-season sales may make you lose your head. Your lucky number today is 47 which will guide you towards wisdom and the proper use of your resources.

If you’re planning to go shopping, wear comfortable shoes.

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It is logical that sometimes you have doubts about your partner, for they may be putting too much distance from you and you don’t find an explanation for this radical change. Try to be as sincere as possible.

After a long time saving you can afford a little whim or buy something for a loved one. After so many sacrifices and efforts the time has come to get a reward.

You're taking a radical turn in your life, you wanna get in shape, but these things take time and patience.

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Trying to diminish, ignore or disguise your feelings is useless. Release suppressed emotions by showing how you really feel. Surround yourself with people who don’t care about your sexual orientation or the fact that you’re in love with the wrong person.

Avoid useless arguments with colleagues at work. Try to persuade workmates using your resources and magnetism. Recycle your knowledge to be able to carry out your work effectively.

Your abdominal pain may be caused by gas accumulation in the stomach. Chew food well, drink taking small sips and have some thyme infusion.

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You won’t have any reasons to argue about the material part of your relationships today. Share the abundance with your current partner, and you’ll be able to make your dreams come true.

Start your own project, Scorpio. You know how to be a leader, and you know you can do it better than your bosses you have right now. Go for it!

You might be thinking about becoming a vegetarian. Make sure you know all the advantages and disadvantages of doing this, check with a professional nutritionist first.

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The stars announce a shower of very interesting ideas that can serve you to show your more energetic and sociable side. You’ll feel like organizing things, gathering your friends, surprising your partner, and all that will grow your spirit.

You can always improve at work, but you run the risk of taking the wrong path if instead of trying to improve you get lost in self-flagellation.

You’re on the verge of an authentic outbreak of hypochondriac disorder that does not let you live in peace, always obsessed with being sick.

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You are headed for a rough morning regarding love and emotions. Someone who you trusted is acting suspiciously, and you see yourself forced to do some detective work. Stop worrying so much about others, Capricorn.

Today's lucky number is 42, follow this number for confidence and success in achieving your professional and financial goals.

Every once in a while, our lives take a turn for the unexpected, and we need extra support to manage the emotions that it causes. Talk to a therapist if you think it might help you.

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Enjoy the extra dose of vitality that Mars will give you, and be warmer and honest with your current date partner.

Welcome a new workmate into the office the right way, and help them to blend in, just like you were helped too when you were the new person around the office.

It's okay to pamper yourselves, but watch out and avoid bad habits from taking over.

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You’ll be tempted to start your weekend with fights due to the resentment and rage that are boiling inside of you. Avoid this -it won’t help your relationship in the least.

Today you may be feeling jealous of people with more money, higher up on the corporate ladder than you. But, don’t forget, as a sensitive Piscean, you tend to focus more on your emotional sphere.

Regarding your health, stimulate your thymus gland by tapping your sternum for a minute every day -this will help you in low energy times.

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