Horoscope 7th February

Selfishness can take multiple guises, and one of them is love and respect, although that does not stop being that immoderate and excessive feeling of admiration for oneself.

Today you will be very selfish but you do not want to see it as such. You have to understand that in life it is not the same to lose money than to stop earning it.

Sometimes you don't take care of your health because you're not entirely clear about what you need to do.

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Be thankful for all the things you have instead of protesting for something apparently unfair. Be responsible within the household and carry out the duties that should be done, even if they aren't yours.

Analyse how your day goes and try to find out whether you're actually wasting too much time within it.

Finally, become a pillar on which people can lean on to cope with their illnesses and be a model of dignity.

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Try to be more present with your partner, and listen to them more if you don't want to be perceived as selfish.

You might be considering changing jobs if you see you can make more money than you are now, because bills and bank debts are starting to pile up.

If you want to keep shopping for unhealthy foods and snacks, you can go ahead and do it, but don't expect the doctor's diagnosis to be any good after that.

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The sector of love and relationships is well positioned, there is a good star illuminating your heart and so complicity and tenderness will be powerful.

You can rest without worries, because in the middle of the week there are good financial perspectives, and it is thanks to the combined influence of several planets. In this way, today you will be able to live with certain facilities.

In health, you usually say "I have to..." How about from now on you say "I decide to do..."?

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Your jealousy is affecting your partner. Even if you say nothing, the tension is in the air. Stop questioning everything and focus on your inner world instead. Create a space of your own, it’ll make you feel better.

Concentrate on the present. You’ll spread joy to people around you and someone you’ll run into will help you make your dreams come true. Look for number 78 which will bring you fortune.

Take care of your liver. You could be consuming too much fried food and alcohol.

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Why do you insist on continuing these friendships? Lately you have not contributed anything good and only contact you to ask for favors. Even if you don't want to see it, they are taking advantage of your good faith.

The money you have in the bank should not be spent without control. Think carefully about any purchase you make. Even if your economic situation is very good, it is not a question of you buying for the sake of buying.

Lead a more orderly life, you need to acquire healthy habits.

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You attract very different people and you love being surrounded by distinct personalities. However, it makes it difficult for you to find your other half. Think well what you’re looking for in a partner. If you’re in a relationship, your partner’s defects will take center stage today. Nevertheless, no imperfection could make you love him/her less.

Today your mind will wander both directions: towards future success at work and negativity.

Keep calm; you’re not going to be fired. If you feel anxious, do some deep breathing exercises and focus on the present.

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Today there are good vibrations for you; there’s harmony in your relationship, and you feel inspired. If you’re single, keep an open mind to love, and something good will happen.

Don’t get obsessed with saving money. You know life isn’t supposed to be based only on work. Go out with your colleagues and have a good time; you’ll see how life brings you abundance.

Keep taking part in the growing process you are living inside of you. Keep thinking positive and don’t let toxic comments or envies change all these positive vibes.

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Do you have to apologize for always trying to find the positive side of things and be happy, Sagittarius? Do you have to be ashamed of feeling love and expressing it in nice words and romantic details? Should you feel bad about being an optimistic person?

Living every day without knowing if it will be the last is too distressing and, worst of all, does not let you make plans in your life. Take charge of your professional life.

Concerning health, you should think about slowing down and giving yourself a break.

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The Moon and Neptune are placed in Pisces which will activate your empathy and sensibility. Don't doubt your emotions even though your reputation as a cold person precedes you. No one but you knows the secrets of your heart.

You feel trapped by the daily cycle of work-home. You will need courage if you wish to make a more significant change.

You're likely to suffer because of lack of exercise and it would be a good idea to work out a little bit, perhaps do some gymnastics or go swimming.

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Do some introspection to reach a conclusion that will help you understand a relative whose ways you're not too fond of.

Stay passionate about your job to continue to be a model and source of motivation to others.

You need to get a medical check-up as soon as you can, especially if you're over the age of 30, to make sure your health will be up to par in the near future.

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Today the Moon in your sign will help you to follow your intuition and take the leap to ask your partner to make the important life change that you’ve been contemplating for a while.

At work, you’ll have the perfect attitude that will help to resolve conflicts, and you should improve your language skills by signing up for classes -this will help you to move ahead in your field.

This time of the year is critical for you Pisces, so, consider getting yourself organized in this new year.

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