Horoscope 4th February

ARIES (21st March - 19th April)

The trunk of memories opens on this day, for past loves and fleeting romances will once again be present. This does not mean that you will return with your ex, even less if the damage they did to you still makes your heart stagger.

At the beginning of this month you notice how your economic situation improves a lot, and this is quite positive since you realize that your efforts are finally rewarded.

Resume your workout routine during this week, because you will have a powerful willpower.

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TAURUS (20th April - 20th May)

You'll hear from an old-time friend and that'll be a nice surprise, so learn to enjoy it, but also try to learn from your past experiences with them. You need to polish your ideas to bring out their essence into the game.

If you're job-hunting, reinvent your CV and make it more eye-catching. You'll be able to bring some colour into everything that looks grey or darkened, and you'll manage to help them solve their problems.

Just watch out for some minor occasional health issues!

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GEMINI (21st May - 20th June)

You're delighted about having several date partners, but perhaps you might want to start considering having a steadier relationship. Make sure everyone's aware of what you want, and don't mislead them.

All you can do in these times of financial recession is to forget about your social life and try to squeeze your money a little. You could even ask a relative for a loan and return the money later.

Finally, you should find alternatives to unhealthy foods and stop going overboard with your food intake.

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CANCER (21st June- 22nd July)

Within you there is a desire to do great and interesting things in your relationship, and you will be able to do together some of the activities that give you more satisfaction.

Who said it's too early to consider the holidays of 2019? Because you're wrong! If you start looking at flights and hotels you can find very cheap discounts, Cancer.

On the Internet you will find many tools and comparators so that they don't charge you more than a single cent. Mars influences your health, and not for good.

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LEO (23th July - 22nd August)

Today you’ll find it hard to divide your time between social and family life. You’ll have to choose work over family and put up with their demands. You can’t be everywhere at once, so do what you can and don’t feel guilty.

You wish you’d get more recognition at work. Be patient and follow the signs from the Universe. Don’t miss a doctor’s appointment. Remember that prevention is very important.

Regular health exams and tests can help find problems before they start.

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VIRGO (23rd August - 22nd September)

Each time you are more attentive to your partner, you notice that you feel like at any time they can fly from your side. Those Virgo who are single can now prepare for a blind date.

In your attempt to save, before making any purchase you will analyze prices in different stores. You know that this way you can get discounts of up to 50%.

The breathing problems you have may be due to an allergy, especially if you have pets near you. Consult your doctor about this possibility.

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LIBRA (23rd September - 22nd October)

Today your mind will be full of fears and past traumas that will make you doubt your relationship for no reason. Change your point of view and spend some time alone.

Give recognition to your work colleague who has tried so hard lately. Return a favor to life. Share your money with those you love most. Don’t let money make you greedy. Your health is improving.

Give your body what it wants as long as it’s healthy. Going to the gym will help you keep fit, healthy and even make friends.

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SCORPIO (23rd October - 22nd November)

Face your love problems, Scorpio. Don’t keep what you feel inside of you. If you are single, be patient because you might live an unpleasant moment in front of you.

You’re heading towards motivating goals, even if you don’t know the way very well. You have to trust in destiny; it knows what to do to fulfill your mission. Today is a good day for positivism.

Give yourself some time to rest. You have too much work to do and little time. Listen to your body and give it what it needs.

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SAGITTARIUS (23rd November - 21st December)

The tendency of these last days to confusion is confirmed with dramatic consequences: any misunderstanding can become a major problem with the people around you.

The good run in the game should not make you lose sight of what is really essential: your economy must be sustained on a basis of stability and productivity. Ensuring a constant income base is essential to grow and avoid catastrophic losses.

Recognizing health problems is a very important first step in solving them, and improving your body, mind and spirit depends on you being more attentive.

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CAPRICORN (22nd December - 20th January)

Don’t get too upset, anger makes you lose your temper. Some children in your family are acting mischievous, and you're struggling to stay calm.

Start your week with a smile on, a pleasant comment and a friendly look - it can result in a better response from people than an inquisitive approach would.

Exercise half an hour daily and base your diet on whole grains and fruit, low-fat dairy and cut out sweets and pasta. Listen to your body and take more care of yourself starting with your eating habits.

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AQUARIUS (21st January - 19th February)

Avoid making your life a constant round of polar opposites, life isn't always black or white. Also, you'll feel the desire to suddenly change, which can come from inner discomfort towards yourselves.

You'll get an unusual strength from the stars to get all your assigned tasks at work done. You should pay attention to other people's incoming money (an inheritance, selling estate...).

Try out walking as your new form of workout to help your body tone up and your bowel movements get regular.

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PISCES (20th February - 20th March)

Pisceans should consider joining a new social group today, and those that are single might even have the chance to meet a new love interest at one of these gatherings.

Don’t miss your chance! You’re in luck today at work since it’s likely that a job proposal will be approved by your boss during the day, and by the end of the week, you’ll receive recognition for this.

Work on closing off your energetic field to negative energies around you by wearing pearl gray or light blue clothing today.

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