Cancer Daily Horoscope for April 2

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Love is going to be constantly on your mind, as society tends to nudge you to live in a way that isn’t how you please.

As the world expects you to walk down a certain path in a certain way, making sure you don’t cross over as others have already made the pathway for you.

In particular, you are going to wonder about monogamy, as you would like to know whether you can hold down a legitimate relationship or an open-minded one in which you can both have encounters with other people.

One thing is to find the love of your life, spending the rest of your life with the same person; and the other is depriving yourself of trying different dishes on the menu if you know what I mean.

My dear single Cancerians, you will experience a memory from the past with someone you once knew whether a meeting or a date, it will start with laughter, but then you will remember while you both drifted apart.


Unless you are a champion poker player, you will have to pay extra attention to your money. Gambling isn’t your best option and won’t bring any luck into your life. Even though the temptation level is high, the failure is definitely worse.

Don’t lend your money or any of your best possessions (from your laptop to that expensive camera you bought) because even though you may feel rewarded by helping out a friend, you will soon feel impotent as you don’t see your money returning any time soon.

Your professional life will be based on a serious environment, and for some, extremely stressful. The good side? Even the worst of situations get better.


Make sure that today you are wearing suitable clothes concerning your health, but don’t worry; your intuition will guide you.

Therefore, those who are builders, it is important you wear your safety shoes just in case a hammer may fall on your foot. It’s better to be safe rather than sorry!

Likewise, our body parts that are usually uncovered will definitely feel the cold, such as our lips or fingers.

In addition, cover them up with gloves and scarfs. Also, hydration is important on a daily basis so that they don’t try out. Lip Balm works a charm. Health comes first!