Daily Horoscope for February 28

Although sometimes the stars invite you to tell your partner everything that goes through your head, today Neptune invites you to be prudent within your frankness.

If you have planned to make a big purchase, today could be the day to make this dream come true (as long as there are no delays in the payroll and you've collected it, that we're at the end of the month).

If your friends are happy sportspeople, why don't you join them this Thursday? Your perception of physical activity as boring will change.

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You'll create strong connection bonds that will improve the relationship with your partner, as well as take up new exciting activities together.

Collect the debts that people owe you, and enjoy the improvement in your situation at work, no matter if you're in an office or administration.

Finally, pay extra attention to a friend who's going through a rough patch while you keep taking good care of yourselves.

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Be brave and share your feelings with the person you like before they're swept away by someone else, or you could regret it for quite a while.

Raise the rent on your lease property and make sure the tenants know who's boss instead of playing around and trying to pay less.

Cry your heart out and let your feelings show after being surrounded by people all the time, everywhere.

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Cupid's arrows hover over you in a funny but also surprising way, because you are going to notice who awakened in you other feelings.

You bid farewell to February with an unconventional spirit regarding money and work, in short, the actions you develop to sustain the foundations of your life. Around you blow an air that promotes your ability to find alternatives and original solutions to any problem you pose.

To take care of your skin and the environment at the same time, change your traditional showerhead for one with a filter.

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You may be easily misinterpreted today, so be careful when you express your needs and worries. Don’t rush towards your dreams; be patient and learn to wait. If you’re single, free yourself from loneliness and go out to socialize.

Take advantage of the day to manage your payments. Soon you’ll solve your financial problems. It’s a good day to look for a new job.

Control your vitality and move consciously doing one thing at a time. Otherwise, you could suffer from a domestic accident, like hitting your head or burning your finger.

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You're betting heavily on a relationship. If you don't act with some care you will most likely end up hitting yourself. Be very careful with that person next to you, for them love is a simple pastime and they’ll have no trouble playing with you.

You're pending a sale, possibly linked to the real estate sector. It could be a house that can bring you a lot of money.

Your stomach will end up resenting and you’ll feel discomfort if you don’t cut with fatty and spicy foods.

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You’ll receive a written message that will impact you in a good or a bad sense. If you’ve been chatting to someone online lately, you’ll meet him/her face to face soon. Don’t worry; you’ll hit it off immediately. Libras who have a partner and suspect infidelity should get to work and begin to investigate.

When dealing with paperwork, it’s better to pay an expert now than regret it later. Check your bills and receipts; you can save up more changing a couple of habits.

You’ll be more emotional than usual today. Listen to music that brings you good memories.

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Today you are going to have loads of mixed feelings, but you are going to hide them behind your shield. Don’t let the bad feelings invade your relationships.

Someone wants to work with you in some kind of business, but you aren’t completely sure they have good intentions, but you don’t know why you think like that.

You need to balance your feminine and masculine strengths (independently of your sex). Try going to a professional masseur so they can get rid of the accumulated tensions you have on your back.

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If in your inner self you still have doubts about a possible betrayal of your partner, the stars advise you to take the shortest path, although it may be the most difficult and painful. An adult conversation will be more effective than inquiries and conspiracies.

In work and money, you’ll be lazy all day long but your productivity will drop and you will have problems that will make you make mistakes.

Sport can help you not only to improve your physical condition but to evolve as a person towards a certain goal.

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You're the one who prefers to stay cooped up inside instead of having some fun. If you feel trapped in the same routine, know that you only have yourself to blame, Capricorn.

You have a strict way of looking at things, and sometimes you're overly criticizing of those around you. It might end up damaging your relationships with them. The pain you're experiencing could be due to anxiety - being mentally stressed can affect your muscles.

Relax, breathe in, and massage your chest with arnica cream, you'll feel instantly better.

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Free yourselves from imposed emotional loads and learn to see reality for what it is, it's important for you.

Express your inner thoughts and let your managers know you should be paid more than you currently are.

Learn about the benefits of having a specific workout routine scheduled and enjoy having an active immune system to get rid of bacteria and viruses.

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Don’t forget that reciprocity is the base of all love, Pisces. If your relationship isn’t built on a mix of giving and receiving, then consider making a clean cut today.

Work on prioritizing your tasks and getting organized today. If you don’t, conflicts that you’ll regret later on could come up. Your lucky number is 76. The stars are in your favor in this realm on February 28th.

Learn to accept your body; this is the first step towards happiness. Your body is your physical vehicle; it deserves love and respect.

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