Horoscope for July 18

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In terms of love, everything seems to be flowing great. Your sense of humour attracts may but you should keep a distance from those you meet online. They tend to lie and aren’t who they say they are.

It is always best to be safe than sorry. Save your money and don’t spend it on stupid things. Today is a good day to investment and get an extra income.

Jupiter is here to help you overcome your bad habits. Your family worries about you and that is why conflictd occur.


Your relationship won’t be in as good a shape as you’d want it to be, as the problems that troubled your heart once upon a time will resurface.

Your unbridled consumerism will be hard to sustain, so call up your bank and put a limit on your credit card, just in case. Your unbridled consumerism will be hard to sustain.

Be careful with alcohol, it’ll wreak havoc on your system! And tomorrow you’ll have a monster hangover: you’ve been warned.

You feel that communication with your partner isn’t the same as before, especially because of work commitments. You spend less and less time together and that may end up distancing you.

At work, the only thing that motivates you is the new projects that are starting. You know that always doing the same is very monotonous, so you’ll ask superiors to trust you with the most complex jobs.

At night you wake up a bit upset and have a hard time falling asleep. There’s something that worries you excessively and you can’t get it out of your head.


Your love life will be calm and happiness is in the air you breathe. Living with your partner may have its ups and downs but communication is essential. They find it hard to understand why you change your mind so easily. Reflect about your actions and don’t jump to conclusions.

If you have new offers, make sure to think them through before signin in case you can’t fulfill them.

Be calm as there aren’t any diseases in the air you breathe. However, keep away from using your phone will driving as it prevents accidents.


If you focus on your present reality, you’ll see all the good things that life’s offering you. Turn your anger into experience and wisdom to be able to enjoy your relationship.

It’s important you moderate your pride and defend your position at work in order to solve problems that are awaiting you today. The stars will benefit your capacity to deal with conflicts. Leos who are starting a new job will be blessed by the planets with strength and joy.

Temperature changes may cause throat infection so take care of yourself!


You will seek refuge in your partner after an argument with a relative. Show your affection and enjoy your passion without taboos, but don’t tell others all the details, you make your partner feel bad. If single, it’s a good moment to meet new people.

The power of Mars will help you find a job. You will have lots of offers, just choose the right one but don’t tell people until it’s secure.

You feel too tired at night because of all the efforts you make during the day. You need to organize your ideas, find the will to improve. You’re afraid of changes, and you feel they’re coming.

Today you’ll realize that what matters most is the bond you have with your partner. Solid foundations of your relationship will help you overcome all obstacles. Libras who don’t have a partner won’t stay single for much longer.

Regarding work, you may be offered to lead a project that will require all your strength. Make sure it won’t take too much of your time.

When it comes to your health, take control of your life and make prevention your top priority. This means being aware of what you eat and where the products come from.


You might misinterpret a call your partner receives, or an innocent exchange of glances, which might look dirty in your eyes. Control those feelings, because they’re very toxic.

In the professional area, your tenacity and courage will allow you to overcome any obstacles that appear, which unfortunately will be quite a few.

It will be a great day to embrace new meditation techniques. Your spirituality will be heightened and you’ll know how to find calm within regardless of how complicated things get around you.


Today will be a meaningful day with lots of good moments. You’ll have to deal with some minor issues with your children, but your patience and sense of humour will help. Show the best version of yourself.

You’ve learned to manage your money correctly, your current state is the result of a good job. You like things when they’re well done, and you know you can start your own business if you want to, now is the right moment.

Give your body a rest, you need to calm down before going to bed. Your spiritual side needs to be nourished.


A love story begins or ends. It’s time for the end or for new beginnings that point to a powerful milestone in the history of your life. It isn’t easy for you to take some distance and appreciate objectively what happens in your heart.

There are surprising novelties that will leave you speechless. They couldn’t be better surprises. Life smiles at you bringing the possibility of your growth not stopping closer.

Your health could be suffering the consequences of the disorganisation of your daily menu and sleep patterns. Try to change that.


You’re experiencing a very positive week in your love life, so there should be nothing to worry about. However, there’s something that disturbs you and you don’t know what it is, you should dig deeper in that feeling.

At a financial level, the day is calm and without major changes. In this sense, it would be a good time to take pen and paper and write your expenses and income down.

Your health throughout the day will be good and it only will only be marred by bit of swelling in the joints.


You’ll want, at all costs, to free yourself from the shackles imposed by your partner and which you have put up with until today because you love them. If you’re not careful with unnecessary expenses you’ll see your savings vanish in seconds.

You’ll probably have to face an expense that you weren’t expecting. Neptune will inspire you to improve your health through the development of creative activities.

You might discover abilities you didn’t know you had, and which will fill you with joy.



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